TrueChain (TRUE)

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TrueChain (TRUE) is a cryptocurrency made by Eric Zhang in 2018. It is a blockchain-based platform that’s building the infrastructure for decentralized applications and finance.

TrueChain is unique in the fact that it’s the world’s first public chain to implement a hybrid consensus algorithm using fPoW + PBFT based consensus mechanisms. The project also replaced the ETHash with TrueHash, making it the first fundamentally ASIC-resistant algorithm that changes every three months. Additionally, TrueChain claims to have successfully implemented secure sharding, helping it achieve a high level of scalability while remaining decentralized. With these innovations in blockchain technology, the TrueChain protocol aims to provide businesses and corporations with fast peer-to-peer communication, value transfer, and efficient smart contract infrastructure.

As for TrueChain’s use cases, the project claims to be building a fast growing ecosystem of blockchain browsers, blockchain games, enterprise dapps, cryptocurrency wallets, tokenization, and layer-2 blockchain infrastructure. An example of the above use cases that has already been implemented is the tokenization of real-estate. According to the TrueChain website, 8 homes on Ko Samui Island were tokenized in April 2019. Another implemented use case is support for cross-chain assets; Binance DEX listed TRUE-D84 by bridging TRUE to Binance Chain. Furthermore, TrueChain has 16 partners/investors listed on their website, most notably is Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bithumb, Crypto Capital, Okex, Paxos, Binance DEX, and Maker. Also, TrueChain boldly claims to have the largest developer community in China and the fastest growing community in the world. 

TrueChain (TRUE) has a total supply of 100,000,000 TRUE and a circulating supply of 79,575,543 TRUE. 

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