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New York Stock Exchanges Looks at 24 Hour Trading Model

27 Apr 2024 4 minute read 0 comments

The New York Stock Exchange, often abbreviated NYSE, is famously known for its strict trading windows, which dictate when financial executives around the world have to be awake to make, and process, trades. Currently, those hours are 9:30am to 4pm. B...

My Thoughts on Current Markets-84

9 Feb 2024 6 minute read 0 comments Biologist25

It's been 15 weeks in the S&P 500. But now we have come to a place where there is only one red candle. So 15 weeks is clear. It's very clear, but now bond interest rates are on the rise again. The dollar index is rising again. On the other hand, the...

You CAN'T Keep A Bitcoin Down...For Long!

29 May 2022 1 minute read 0 comments CodyMac50

If I were a betting man, I would say that this bearish Bitcoin month is but a blip not to be worried about. Bitcoin is what Bitcoin is, and as the purchasing power of the USD dwindles, and pegged "stablecoins" fall with it, Bitcoin will still "be"......

New York Stock Exchange to Delist 3 Chinese Telecommunication Firms

2 Jan 2021 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced that it will delist China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom Hong Kong due to claimed links with the Chinese military. Trading shares in the companies will be suspended on the NYSE next week (Between...

The next DROP - USA Elections

11 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments PGLIVEPT

  Hi Guys Do you think that we have a deja vu situation here? If the S&P500 drop will push the #Bitcoin price down? Are the USA Elections decide the next #Bullrun What do you think?   #SP500 #finance #NYSE #NYTimes #bitcoin   #cryptocurrencies #Ethe...

Snapchat Abstract DD

25 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AndyWooForever

Snapchat (SNAP)(crossposted from my reddit profile) Currently Up 200% more room to run Snapchat, you all know it, most of you use it. Some of you may have even bought snapchat premium accounts from girls. What is that? Porn. What does porn do? It mak...

Bitcoin - DJIA correlation and the Corona virus

9 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Pyratellama

In this article I'm going to show you the correlation of BTC and the DJIA from they year until now, and how it broke today.   Since the beginning of this year the DJIA and BTC have been pretty similar. It started being even more similar around Februa...

What are Shares?

8 Feb 2020 2 minute read 0 comments PGLIVEPT

  What are Shares?   Shares are pieces of a company that you can buy to trade or hold. Investing in shares will make you part-owner of a business. Stokes can be a sound long-term investment but are very risky to use in t...

Altria (MO) at 35$

2 Feb 2020 3 minute read 0 comments PGLIVEPT

  Altria (MO) at $35   “I want to buy Altria at $35” This is only my opinion, not financial Advice. Altria is one of the biggest companies on the Stock Market and Tabacco is the oldest industry in...