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Bluzelle Connecting the Dots

30 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Olufemi Stephen

Bluzelle connecting the Dots A few months ago, Bluzelle decided to partner with Polkadot. The partnership is designed to benefit both sides. Bluzelle has a decentralized and scalable storage system or a database that Polkadot wants. Polkadot, on the...

Debunking MantraDAO - Is MantraDAO a scam?

25 Oct 2020 4 minute read 6 comments darren242

So I've been researching the next DeFi project to grow my wealth and I came across a very interesting project called MantraDAO, which is basically focusing on staking, lending and governance, and it is community-driven. The native token for MantraDAO...


22 Oct 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Venkatz

MANTRA DAO is also a DeFi Platform which is community governed platform with decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0. In simple MANTRA DAO is Targeting Staking, Lending and Governance.  MANTRA DAO is built on RIO Chain it interoperable with Polkadot net...

MANTRA DAO Is A DeFi Ecosystem Powered By Polkadot With An Excellent Karma

8 Oct 2020 2 minute read 10 comments Cryptonator`s

No doubt, MANTRA DAO is one of my TOP 3 DeFi Altcoins Powered By Polkadot. After doing a lot of research, I believe that MANTRA DAO has huge potential and that it is primed for some massive gains. In short: MANTRA DAO has an excellent Karma, here is...

Mantra Dao - The Hidden Gem of Crypto!?

18 Sep 2020 6 minute read 6 comments johnwege

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for the next, new and upcoming project in the crypto space.  And in-fact one of my recent favorite projects is Polkadot which officially launched on exchanges just about a month ago and has already...

MantraDAO price spikes over 40% today, takes #1 spot on LunarCRUSH's AltRank

27 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment klymacks

Alright, this calculated risk already paid off big time. Yesterday, I signaled a high risk call to get into MantraDAO ($OM) right here on Crypto Shilling at around $0.36, and today it's the hottest alt project in the space according to LunarCRUSH. Ju...