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Why Should You Learn to Code?

5 May 2023 4 minute read 1 comment MintDice.com

Coding is a skill that’s become prevalent in our world today. From STEM programs to online courses, there are more ways than ever to master this skill. What are the benefits of taking time out of your typical schedule to learn to code? Why should you...

How to Learn to Code (Basic Guide)

28 Mar 2023 4 minute read 2 comments MintDice.com

Coding is a practical and valuable skill to have under your belt, especially with the emergence of new technology. If you want to learn, it can be tricky to figure out how to start.  In this piece, we talk about how to learn to code, how long it tak...

Learning Python update #2 - I made a game :)

24 Feb 2022 2 minute read 0 comments dotMatrix

Bit more of an update today, I've been spending a good deal of time over the last few days learning how to code a game in the 'Minesweeper' mould following the instructions laid out in the excellent 'Coding for beginners' book that I have shared a li...