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FEI | The New Stablecoin For DeFi With Billions In Liquidity Finally Reaches The Peg

31 May 2021 5 minute read 2 comments dalz

      FEI is a new and innovative stablecoin for defi as the funders call it. It tries a new spin and architecture for a stablecoin, that will be decentralized but not locking as much as capital as DAI, increasing capital efficiency. The stab...

StableCoins Are Unstable? The Story Behind Investors Selling FEI

17 Apr 2021 7 minute read 2 comments Willson-Deng

FEI Protocol, a StableCoins project supported by many mainstream venture capitalists, hopes to build a StableCoins anchored 1:1 with the U.S. dollar and create a StableCoins protocol that will directly use its tokens to purchase assets instead of usi...

FEI-TRIBE stabilisation thoughts

10 Apr 2021 3 minute read 0 comments bengy

  To say that the FEI (TRIBE) launch has been a little bit rocky is a bit of an understatement. To help fix the problem, there has been a developer led proposal to use the $1.2 billion in the ETH PCV as a Reserve Stabilisation for FEI. I will talk...

FEI-TRIBE: An attempt at a Crypto-native stablecoin (Initial 3 day Launch)

31 Mar 2021 3 minute read 0 comments bengy

  FEI-TRIBE is a project that I've been interested in for a little while. It is a stablecoin that is native to cryptocurrencies and uses a direct burn incentive on DEXs to attempt to maintain a peg. So, in a nutshell, a DeFi based stablecoin (FEI)...