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An airdrop is a marketing practice established in the crypto world, in which a token or cryptocurrency (usually startup) team sends their cryptocurrency or token to a big number of users who have signed up to receive their tokens.

Airdrops are a common marketing strategy employed by many new crypto and token projects. The purpose of an airdorp is order to gain traction, fans and an initial user-base for a token or crypto project; the hope is that this initial user-base will then in turn, via word of mouth and other means, invite their friends, who will invite their friends...

This practice is arguably effective as the new token holders who have received the tokens or crypto via an airdrop have an incentive to spread the word and help the project succeed, as in that case their own tokens will be worth more on the market.

Airdrops are sometimes completely free, and all one has to do is sign up. Other times, users have to complete a task in order to receive coins or tokens - this is where airdrops overlap with crypto bounties.

In December we paid out over $12,000 to our users and RECORD BTC and LTC given away!

3 Jan 2020 1 minute read 33 comments Bitcoin Aliens

Yes, over the Christmas period we paid out $12,400 to our app users - including a record amount of BTC! Free Bitcoin / Alien Run / Blockchain Game In BTC as always we pay out a little less than our other apps. This is due to using the CoinBase API f...

BANANO is Getting Listed at Exchange

2 Jan 2020 1 minute read 5 comments banano

BANANO is getting listed at the exchange, a centralized exchange popular in Asia, with a USDT trading pair. At this occasion, the BANANO team has provided funds to Airdrop BANANO to active users in line with BANANO’s ongoing free distri...

BANANO Wishes You a Very Merry Christmas!

24 Dec 2019 1 minute read 12 comments banano

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from BANANO! A big ‘Thank You’ goes to every single one of you! In 2019, the BANANO community has continued as one of the most unique, supportive, productive and lovely things ever happening in the crypto s...

Over $ 500k in crypto Airdrops for the holiday season!

24 Dec 2019 2 minute read 4 comments Airdrop Alert

Are you familiar with Airdrops? It's the free giveaway of cryptocurrency coins, usually in return for some social media interaction. If you need to get up to speed about it, have a quick look at this video guide: Now, if you're a blockchain veteran,...

Airdrop: Get Your Share of 1 Million BANANO in this Community Voting!

19 Dec 2019 1 minute read 3 comments banano

It has never been easier to claim your share of a total of 1 MILLION BANANO! Just vote daily for BANANO to be listed at AITAX Exchange, and once BANANO is listed there everyone who voted will share the total airdrop pool of 1 Million BANANO equally,...

The 2019 BANACADEMY Awards are Finally Here! Join the Ceremony!

18 Dec 2019 1 minute read 2 comments banano

Press your finest tuxes, shine your best bandazzled diamonds; the 2019 BANAcademy Awards are finally here ! Today, the BANANO X-Mas Calendar Team will reveal the results in the BANAcademy Awards Ceremony and give out the Awards for Best Mods, Funnies...

Reminder: The BANANO X-Mas Calendar has Daily Games, Puzzles and Events!

13 Dec 2019 2 minute read 0 comments banano

Reminder: The BANANO Xmas Calendar has Daily Games, Puzzles and other Events! We’re already half way! Christmas is coming soon, so this is a reminder that we have events, contests, puzzles, and gift drops across our all the BANANO social media channe...

BANANO Monthly Update December 2019

11 Dec 2019 7 minute read 1 comment banano

Another month is over and time’s more than ripe for a proper update from the $BANANO ecosystem! So here it is, the BANANO Monthly Update December 2019, summarizing all the ripe happenings during November. Still no bullrun around, and many projects a...

Exodus 1, Crypto Smart Phone, Exodus 1 Binance Edition, Buy Exodus 1 HTC NOW, Earn BNB Token

11 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments bdk81

Exodus 1, Crypto Smart Phone, Exodus 1 Binance Edition, Buy Exodus 1 HTC NOW, Earn BNB Token To start, regiter on Binance Buy Exodus 1 HTC Binance Edition phone Fill the form to earn $100 BNB binance...

Hodl ATOM and Claim STEEM & Bitcoin

10 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

  Yesterday we launched three new, exclusive Discord channels for holders of a minimum number of ATOM tokens in their Steem Engine accounts. We have now started rewarding people by airdropping STEEM & Bitcoin into the channels in our DIscord server...