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ATOM/USDC Binance (Heikin Ashi)- Leading diagonal - Bearish Bullish Scenario 

7 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Ken(Crypto Reporters)

ATOM/USDC Binance (Heikin Ashi)- Leading diagonal - Bearish Bullish Scenario  For this graph, We use Elliott Impulse Wave (12345) with eclipse tools Elliot correction wave ABC and MaCD On this graph, we saw perfect leading diagonal Bullish Scenario V...

Cosmos - earn dividend

18 Sep 2019 1 minute read 0 comments CEDCryptoCoin

The Cosmos is another edge of the TRON network in which you can draw dividends from 3.3% -4.5% per month.The game is at the very beginning and it is convenient to enter it as soon as possibleStart 12.9.2019Through the link you will get 10 cosmos chip...

What is Cosmos Network (ATOM)? [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Cosmos]

18 Sep 2019 6 minute read 0 comments Mr.CryptoWiki

So, what is Cosmos blockchain? This new blockchain system and its native cryptocurrency (ATOM) took the crypto world by storm in early 2019 after previously it was hidden from the public exposure. At the time, out of nowhere ATOM went straight to the...

Chinese Traders Now Invest in $ATOM (65% UP) - Here's What You Need To Know

13 Sep 2019 2 minute read 3 comments CryptoChartWizard91

The cryptocurrency markets are pretty stagnant at this moment in time as Bitcoin continues to trade through the defined consolidation pattern. Whilst Bitcoin continues to dominate the market, the altcoins remain in a very gruesome position as they cr...

Coinbase Now Exploring These 8 Crypto Projects

12 Aug 2019 1 minute read 5 comments Ed-california

Coinbase, which for about a year has added a series of new tokens to its platform, has just announced that it is “exploring” 8 new digital assets. This is a bid to add legitimate tokens to its platform for trading and cover 90% of all crypto assets i...

Fidelity acquisition rumor + "Summer in Crypto" + Cosmos Network and Polkadot join the Crypto Unicorns list - Report reveals

11 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments

CV VC Report commissioned in collaboration with PwC and Strategy& has released its Top 50 picks for the first half of 2019 who are headquartered in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.  Report sheds a positive light on the Crypto space calling the space to...

Cosmos: Learn about Cosmos, a proof-of-stake coin that allow delegators and validators to earn reward through staking and a coin that allow communication between different blockchain

9 Aug 2019 4 minute read 0 comments quintomudigo

          Cosmos(ATOM) is a native cryptocurrency created on Cosmos Blockchain network whose transaction takes place from one peer to another without involvement by the government thus is being considered to be a decentralized asset. Cosmos was main...

Russian satellite will check whether there were Americans on the moon or not

6 Aug 2019 2 minute read 1 comment Nik735

This week at the Museum of cosmonautics of Moscow was presented the microsatellite project, the main task of which will be the photography of the moon, which in 1969, presumably, landed American astronauts. Only four people participated in the devel...

3 Crypto Projects That Silently Entered Top 20 In 2019 You Probably Did Not Notice

11 Jul 2019 2 minute read 1 comment Chenhuang_defi

2019 has been a very interesting year for the tokens. If you look at Coinmarketcap, you will see that a lot of new tokens have entered the top 20 or top 30 tokens by market cap, and a lot of previously popular ones have dropped far back as below the...

Cosmos (ATOM) - The Internet Of Blockchains

7 Jul 2019 3 minute read 2 comments fycee

The Foundation Of A New Token Economy This cryptocurrency is also relatively new to the Top 20 coin listing that was introduced to the market last March 2019 only, the period where the Bearish Market was already about to end. It was a great news for...