Atomic Wallet Migrated The $AWC Tokens From Beacon Chain To BNB Chain

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 7 May 2024

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized Cryptocurrency wallet that supports more than 1000+ coins and tokens, providing simplicity, safety, and convenience for its users. Maybe in the current DeFi status quo is hard to believe that I am using it since the summer of 2020!

I am using Atomic Wallet long before I explored decentralized finance and yield farming, a wallet that was somehow WOW back in the hey days! Now it's just "another wallet" where I hold some prehistoric assets. 


What was/is cool at Atomic Wallet? It was non-custodial, not like Coinbase and Binance. The multi-asset allowed the user to possess the private key for their crypto, giving the user was 100% control over his assets. The concept of "not your keys... not your coins" was still early days! 

Atomic's on-device intelligence allows storing all private keys at a user’s computer or smartphone, but I will always recommend to keep them written down on paper, just in case the machines will take control of the world. The wallet was supporting over 40 block-chains and over 300 tokens, offering a wide range of investment options. The numbers are probably higher now! 

It was the first place where I could stake and earn, with APY as high as 20%! Please note that this was long time before the DeFi summer and degen yield farming. I started earning interest in GAS for NEO and the 200 $TRX I had in the account was automatically farming JUST, BitTorrent and Wink.  The good old days! 

They even had a referral system with $AWC as rewards.  The system was broken and left many disappointed. I received a one-off payment in $AWC after several tickets, and left them there staked since then. Not much stuff happened with Atomic Wallet, as my latest article about them was on the 22nd of November 2020. 


The $AWC where left farming, and their value didn't improve much. However, in February I had to unstake them and swap them in the "new" AWC as the token was migrating. The BNB chain community has recently decided to phase out the BNB Beacon Chain out of the BNB chain ecosystem on April 2024, and users had to migrate their AWC to Binance Smart Chain to ensure a smooth transition. 

The decision to migrate AWC to a BEP-20 (BSC) standard was made after a hardfork of the BNB Beacon Chain Mainnet, that no longer allowed for BEP-2 tokens (old AWC token standard) to be swapped on Binance DEX. I used ChangeNow for the exchange and received the new AWC at 1:1 rate! This was quite smooth! 


The cashback is now being paid out with BSC AWC, and new staking pools are not implemented. Until better days... my 300 AWC will sit idle in the wallet. Who knows ... maybe Atomic Wallet will become mainstream one day and this tokens will be worth a fortune. Until then... keep safe and always DYOR!


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