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#TacoTuesday (4.1) homemade tacos

  Today is taco Tuesday, today I am not felling too well, so i am going to give you an updated necessary change to one of my previous entries. (sorry about the inconvenience) Update to number (4) . The basic idea of this one is to add beef instead of chicken, also to make make a double taco. (* the name is escaping me ATM) In order to make a double taco just insert a small tortilla in to some store bought taco shells that is it. By adding the tortilla you are adding more to stuff goodies in to the shelf itself weather that be chicken beef ,and or other ingredients. Below is a list of my favorite ingredients to add while making

Chicken/ beef ( i prefer chicken but any meat will do)




maybe onions ( need to test that one next time I have homemade tacos)


beans (paste like ones work the best)

hard shells 

mini tortillas

hot sauce

 Cook the preferred meat and beans ahead of time then (Look on google for more precise times for cooking stuff.) While the meat and beans are cooking chop up some of the other  ingredients ( to desirable chunks). Next double sleeve your tacos. Put one of the shells around the other. I prefer the tortillas on the inside and the taco shell on the outside (either way should be fine) Next step is load your tacos yummy goodness, and there you have a simply taco recipe. Like also i will post some link in the article below. 


 how long to cook a log (ground meat) in pan  (ground meat in pan)

 how to chop up an onion (dice onion)  *yes the link is old but the principal is still the same, maybe in future will replace is me cutting an onion myself

 previous taco Tuesday (4)

*Non of these links are my own but generic random YouTube searches  on how to how to cook things. (the taco Tuesday is my own) 

Also don't forget to check out my other publish OX articles. Like always don't forget to like and subscribe. Have a wonderful taco Tuesday

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Home of #TacoTuesday and #ThirstyThursday
Home of #TacoTuesday and #ThirstyThursday

This blog is entries that covers my review of random taco places ever Tuesday. ( This May one day merge into a bigger blog about food and reviews in general. Be on the look for that in the future

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