Online tools that will help you as a trader

Online tools that will help you as a trader

By MrBullishSail | TA crypto market | 29 Apr 2019

Today I come to bring you some pretty good online resources that anyone can use to conduct trading activity with a better perspective.


Cryptowatch is a multipurpose platform where we have at our disposal the graphs of each currency and any exchange, this information shows us very well detailed through a comfortable interface. It also gives us the basic tools to make our TA to any currency that we choose, the particularity of this is that it gives us temporalities that in tradingview are only unlocked through monthly payment, in addition to all this also gives us the ability to create our portfolio to keep track of profits or losses of the currencies that we are holding.




Multicoincharts is an online tool in which we can have different graphs open on a single page, we can choose the amount of windows that we want to have open to give a proper follow-up to a currency or different currencies, I personally use it in my operations to give the follow-up in different times of the same currency, that way I can react faster to an invalidation in the movement of the trend.




Coinmarketcal is an excellent platform where we have available the most important fundamentals of any currency in the market, thanks to users who actively participate by sharing the most important news and confirming them to avoid false news. This tool is very useful for our TA since it complements our analysis and with it we can have an anticipated source of information in which we can base ourselves to predict the future movement of the price of a currency based on important events that could affect for good or for bad its value.



190903265-d5e9d7f62c280ab524bd4e3fc3709b77afd826e03fc11bcdd11989e203879b25.png is an excellent platform to create our portfolios and give a correct pursuit to our currencies that we have hold, this platform provides us with a very friendly interface with a lot of information, it offers us the possibility of programming alerts for when the price goes up or down of a certain price that we configure, this way we can be alert before any eventuality of the market that endangers our portfolio, the alerts can be configured to be sent to our mail or to our cell phone through SMS.

These are the tools I use the most to carry out my function as a trader, if you didn't know them before, I'm sure they will be very useful for you to carry out your operations in the market :)

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TA crypto market
TA crypto market

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