Syscoin Weekly Update #45
Syscoin Weekly Update #45

By Syscoin | Syscoin | 17 Apr 2019

This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the website!


Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry News

SCMT to attend Blocknorth’s BlockParty II

SCMT members Michiel and Reiner will attend Blocknorth’s BlockParty II in the UK in June 2019. Blocknorth have partnered with Syscoin to provide blockchain learning programs in conjunction with Barclays Eagle Labs, and having our guys there will be a valuable resource for everyone during the event. Michiel and Reiner will also attend networking sessions the following day, to further strengthen our ties with the UK’s blockchain education community.

Stealthex Listing

Syscoin has been listed on Stealthex — a new instant, anonymous, and limitless cryptocurrency exchange.

Allnodes Listing

The listings continue! This time with Allnodes, a site which providesmasternode monitoring and hosting, completely FREE until June 1st 2019.

Syscoin added to the DigiByte Node Crawler

The DigiByte Node Crawler is an Android app that polls cryptocurrency nodes and provides qualitative assessments of the network.

RISE Leaderboard

Syscoin is at position 11 on this week’s RISE Blockchain Leaderboard

Leaderboard — Blockchain Top 100–11 Apr 2019
A list of the top companies in the Blockchain universe, ranked by their social media influence score: scoring metrics…

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: Hello Dan. will you guys develop something like Ledger Live interface for Archos?
A: Right now the Archos devices work with Electrum, which we’re developing Syscoin support for, but we have encouraged them to develop a ledger-live like experience for the current device. The newer device has a screen so it is all operated from the device itself

Q: Hi Dan, not a sys question directly, but wondering what is the nature of CPS and lode “co-op”?
A: CPS is helping enable a merchant network for the AGX token essentially. Nothing [else] i can share, would have to ask Lode directly

Q: Are there any news related to Mongolia, are govt people there still interested in developing on syscoin ? Or are all the news/ opportunities postponed after sys4 release?
A: We are still working on Mongolia and other government operations, these things have very long procurement cycles #government

Q: Do you guys have something on the pipeline that needs the sys4 bridging with ETH capabilities? Like, has anyone ever asked for such a possibility, or you hope that bridging will bring more devs and more possibilities ? Or maybe both of it?
A: We have had past contracts that needed the turing complete function that we couldn’t participate in. They needed the speed of Syscoin and the security of POW combined a turing complete

Q: How is Sys 4 development coming?
A: SYS4 is coming along well, we are about to get a public bridge test site up.

Q: The patent pending process takes at least a year for the ZDAG tech right?
A: Yeah we are very close to submitting now

Q: What is most on your mind these past several days regarding Syscoin?
A: My mind is more preoccupied with Blockchain Foundry stuff to be honest, which is not solely Syscoin, so mostly client work related stuff, Jag and Willy are more knee deep in Syscoin 4.0

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