Syscoin Weekly Update #44
Syscoin Weekly Update #44

By Syscoin | Syscoin | 11 Apr 2019

Syscoin Weekly Update #44

This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the new website!


Syscoin and BCF News

Blocknorth Block Party II

Syscoin partners Blocknorth, have announced Block Party II, a blockchain-based event for “networking, discovery, exploration & meeting people interested in an emerging technology”.

Read more and book tickets below.

Blocknorth Blockparty II - Welcome to Blockchain Evening
Eventbrite - Blocknorth presents Blocknorth Blockparty II - Welcome to Blockchain Evening - Thursday, June 6, 2019 at…

LODE on Target to Achieving 1 million Members

The cryptographic silver money system running on Syscoin Platform is on-track to achieve the million mark in membership numbers

LODE and AGXPay at IRX a Success

With the help of Coinpayments and Blockchain Foundry, The LODE and AGXPay Communities had a blast at IRX in the UK, more info and pics here.

Syscoin Listed on MyLocalCoin

Syscoin has been listed on MyLocalCoin, a new exchange offering BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs.

Syscoin ranked #6 in Crypto Masternode Analytix Chart

Syscoin Listed on Crytrex

Another new exchange listing, Syscoin has been listed on Crytrex.

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: As far as client work goes, it looks like Aibb and Lode are humming along nicely. Any other new assets/potential client work on BCF’s end that you can drop hints about ?
A: Nothing we can share yet @Sandy although there are a few others, Lode and sys4 work are def where the majority of the work is going atm

Q: Any eta on the BCFN Archos sys hardware wallet?
Working on that as im typing here there are some obstacles we’re still working thru at the hw layer but its getting close to being ready for archos review

Q: Will there be an updated roadmap for April?
Yep I believe so Foundation/SCMT usually help w that and BCF just contributes their updates along w other teams but mi sure there will bbe an april update (sry this keyboard is busted!)

Q: Do you think we will see the zdag whitepaper and or tps reports within this month ?
The plan iis to release them with the sys4 rollout, im not sure the exact timing yet but we’re getting closer to knowing that w the bridge txs/tool getting to public testnet the public testing at that level will really serve to solidify other timeliines and if things are discovered, we’ll need to address etc, takes a lil more time

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