Syntropy Network

Syntropy Network

Syntropy is an open project providing next-generation connectivity technology for the Internet. Syntropy is designed to solve issues prevalent in the current Internet framework, including security, privacy, governance, performance, reliability, and ineffective resource utilization. It is based on a combination of technologies that includes blockchain, encryption, optimized routing, and an economic model that enables and fosters the deployment of this architecture.

Monthly Update: Syntropy in December

6 Jan 2023 8 minute read 3 comments Cryptoray

Welcome to our December update! It's been a busy month for our team, with various projects and initiatives on the go. From preparing to launch significant updates to hosting community events, we've had a lot to keep us occupied during the festive sea...

Case study: Entain & FIFA World Cup

28 Dec 2022 3 minute read 1 comment Cryptoray

  During the FIFA World Cup, sports betting companies, such as Entain, experienced a significant increase in traffic and revenue. It is a crucial time for these companies as they look to take advantage of the increased interest in betting. To ensure...

Twitter Giveaway by Syntropy - 1000$ in prizes

26 Dec 2022 1 minute read 8 comments Cryptoray

  ✤ Christmas is coming and it's time to give back to the community! ✤   Ten winners will share a reward pool of $1000 in $NOIA tokens. Your to-do list to enter the #Syntropy giveaway:   Like and retweet the post.   Follow @Syntropynet on Twitter   ✤...

Syntropy chooses Cosmos for Web3 development

24 Dec 2022 3 minute read 14 comments Cryptoray

As you may be aware, Syntropy recently announced the halt of its Validator program on Amber Chain, which was based on Substrate. After careful consideration and thorough evaluation, we have decided to switch from the Polkadot ecosystem to the Cosmos...

Syntropy Community Technical Update by Jonas Simanavicius

25 Sep 2022 6 minute read 0 comments Cryptoray

It’s been a while since we discussed Syntropy’s technical development progress. As you know, we are super busy, especially with our close to 40 developer technology department wanting to push their limits on areas such as Syntropy Stack, dStack, Syn...

New SyntropyStack update: Shared Workspaces and User Roles

29 May 2022 5 minute read 0 comments Cryptoray

I'm Ambassador from Syntropy and you can DM on telegram after join the official Spanish group chat on   We're thrilled to present you with the latest and most advanced release of Syntropy Stack! Our team has been workin...

The internet layer for decentralize the web from SYNTROPY is getting more robust

14 May 2022 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptoray

I'm Ambassador from Syntropy and you can DM on telegram after join the official Spanish group chat on   In the latest release of Syntropy Stack the team has been adapting the product to better align with upcoming featur...

2021 Mid-Year Update: A Letter from Syntropy CEO

18 Jun 2021 9 minute read 1 comment Cryptoray

Gain new insight into how co-founders, employees, and our most significant supporters understand Syntropy.   Hello Syntropy Community, I hope all of you are doing well in these volatile but fascinating times. First off, thank you very much for being...

NOIA Network Roadmap Update 11.05–11.19

20 Nov 2020 4 minute read 0 comments Cryptoray

  Welcome to the fourth roadmap update! We are now entering the third month of our six-month sprint towards launch, and remain nicely in line with the schedule. We are now approaching both the network launch and the product launch. The NOIA Network w...

Microsoft Selects NOIA Network for its FastTrack Program

12 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Cryptoray

Last summer, NOIA joined Microsoft’s Startup Program. Since then, our teams have worked together to design, build, and scale the network. This April, NOIA extended its participation in the program by getting additional support from Microsoft to boos...