Syntropy January Monthly Update: Silverstone in Full Swing

By Cryptoray | Syntropy Network | 3 Feb 2024

February 2, 2024 #Community Updates Syntropy in January'24

The first month of 2024 was incredibly intentional for Syntropy, with a wide array of announcements, partnerships, and happenings around the Data Layer. We welcomed new members of our growing community with a primer on “Syntropy 101,” deepened partnerships in AI, and integrated with one of the most popular crypto wallets on the planet.

Syntropy is also solidifying its place in the center of DePIN, one of the fastest-growing narratives in Web3. More on that  – and our discussion with Peaq Network – later on. Suffice it to say that everything we’ve done in January will contribute to realizing our vision of the Data Layer as a revolutionary, decentralized blockchain data access platform for every user, developer, and ecosystem in Web3.

Major January happenings:

  • MetaMask integration starting with testnet
  • Syntropy 101 breaks down the Data Layer
  • Partnership announcement with Morpheus AI
  • Unpacking RPCs, APIs, and real-time data
  • The Data Layer and DePIN take center stage


MetaMask Integration Enables Future Token Utility

First off, Syntropy made major waves by integrating with MetaMask, one of the most widely used crypto-native wallets on the planet. As a key step of the Silverstone phase, our developer team integrated MetaMask for testnet transactions and $NOIA token utility. Currently in the invite-only stage, selected users can get a feel for how the decentralized data economy will function once it’s rolled out to more wallets and ecosystems.



This integration not only enhances the utility and accessibility of Syntropy but also reinforces our commitment to making the Data Layer accessible via as many wallets, chains, and avenues as possible.


Exploring Data Layer Foundations with Syntropy 101


If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll have noticed that the past few months showed strong growth in our community head count and for the $NOIA token. In response, we rolled out the In "Syntropy 101: The Tech Behind the Data Layer,” blog, to provide newcomers with a straightforward, yet detailed and nuanced, look at how the Data Layer works.


Understanding the Syntropy's Data Layer Syntropy 101: The Tech Behind the Data Layer


It’s a great primer for anyone, detailing the Data Layer's capabilities in providing decentralized, real-time data streams across various blockchains. Even if you’ve been a die-hard Syntrooper from day one, it’s an insightful read for understanding the crucial role of on-chain data in supporting smart contracts, dApps, and the broader DeFi ecosystem.


Syntropy Partners with Morpheus to Decentralize AI Data


Syntropy also announced a partnership with Morpheus AI, setting the stage for a major leap forward in decentralizing artificial intelligence. Collaborating with industry giants like Akash Network, Render Network, and Filecoin, Morpheus AI and Syntropy will work to create a robust framework for AI applications. It’s all about leveraging decentralized networks to enhance scalability, security, and accessibility.



This partnership not only broadens our ecosystem, but amplifies our impact across the tech and rapidly growing AI sectors. Stay tuned for more details on our work with Morpheus and how it will shape the future of decentralized AI.


Demystifying Data Access Tech Behind RPCs and APIs


In our blog post, "RPCs vs. APIs: A Simple Guide," we dove into the critical technologies of Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) within Syntropy's context. Understanding these components is essential for anyone looking to build or interact with blockchain applications, as they facilitate seamless communication and data access on the network.


Tech Talk Simplified: Understanding RPCs and APIs RPCs vs. APIs: A Simple Guide


We unpacked how RPCs enable direct, program-to-blockchain communication, and how APIs extend this by allowing software interconnectivity. Together, they’re essential for the seamless operation and development of dApps on the Data Layer and beyond, streamlining data access and enhancing user experiences in Web3  ecosystems.


The Data Layer Boosts the Already Hot DePIN Narrative


The Data Layer took center stage on several fronts within the growing DePIN narrative this past month. In "Decoding DePIN," we unpacked the entire DePIN space and how Syntropy, as a ley Digital Resource Network (DRN), will be indispensable for real-time blockchain data streaming. If you want a full explainer on Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), check out the entire blog.


Navigating the World of DePINs Decoding DePIN


On top of that, our X Spaces session with Peaq highlighted the synergies between Syntropy and DePIN. Our CTO Jonas Simanavicius joined Peaq co-founder Leo Dorlochter, discussed the collaborative efforts to build DePIN, success stories in the space, and the role of multichain, real-time Web3 data streaming.



Jonas followed up with an insightful thread, adding depth to the DePIN discussion. He emphasized DePIN’s critical role in enhancing the efficiency and functionality of blockchain networks. His full insights can be found below, where he takes a closer look at practical implications and future potential of Syntropy as the backbone of blockchain data access in DePIN.



As we close the month of January, we extend our deepest gratitude to each and every Syntrooper. Your engagement, feedback, and active participation are invaluable to us. Silverstone is now in full swing and Syntropy is leading the DePIN charge, making the month ahead even more exciting. Stay tuned for more updates and events as we smash through Silverstone on our way to Monaco.


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