KYVE and Syntropy Partner to Provide Full-Scope Web3 Data on Cosmos

By Cryptoray | Syntropy Network | 18 Dec 2023

#Announcements Solving Data Challenges in the Cosmos Ecosystem


Data accessibility and integrity are the lifeblood of Web3, powering decentralized applications with the data they need to function. Starting with the Cosmos ecosystem, KYVE Network and Syntropy are working towards overcoming key roadblocks in blockchain data management to unlock more and better innovation. The partnership will help the Cosmos ecosystem overcome challenges in accessing quality data from its various, interconnected blockchains, for builders and users alike.

“We’re happy to welcome Syntropy to the ecosystem! This partnership demonstrates KYVE’s strengths beyond blockchain archiving and validation to extend new data sources. With Syntropy's real-time data expertise complementing our historical data focus, we're opening teams up to new data bounds, offering an innovative toolset unknown to any Web3 ecosystem yet.” Fabian Riewe, Founder of KYVE.

Today, there are over 250 interchain apps built on Cosmos, creating fragmented user bases, data silos, and liquidity. Syntropy will now stream real-time data on Cosmos, which KYVE fetches, validates, and stores onto Arweave, an immutable storage platform. Syntropy’s streams are up to a millisecond, while KYVE’s are around two minutes.. Historical and real-time data in the Cosmos ecosystem will be more widely available, benefitting builders and setting a new standard for blockchain data access.


Syntropy & KYVE: Untangling Cosmos Ecosystem Data

The Cosmos ecosystem is known for its interoperability and scalability, hosting a wide range of decentralized applications through its unique self-sovereign blockchains, or appchains. While these features are strengths, they also introduce complex challenges, especially with data accessibility and reliability.

A big hurdle faced by developers and users is the demanding requirement for running infrastructure specific to each blockchain. Accessing on-chain data from various blockchains necessitates infrastructure that's not only blockchain-specific but also sophisticated enough to handle the complexities of real-time and historical data queries.

This challenge is compounded when considering that traditional solutions, such as RPC nodes, aren't optimized for exclusively reading on-chain data. They require horizontal scaling to manage mass calls, a process that, although necessary, quickly becomes both inefficient and costly.

This inefficiency particularly affects dApps that rely heavily on real-time data or need to process large volumes of historical data. The lack of streamlined, cost-effective solutions for high-quality data retrieval is an ongoing – and significant – bottleneck that hinders ecosystem innovation and development.


The Cosmos Ecosystem. The Cosmos Ecosystem.


Enter KYVE Network, a player in archiving and validating historical data. KYVE provides an essential service – ensuring that past blockchain activities are not just recorded but are validated in a decentralized way and freely accessible. KYVE also helps address the persistent tradeoff between the access of indexed data and the benefits of real-time, trustless access channels. Its pools of validators bring an added layer of data integrity, playing a critical role in maintaining a trustless data ecosystem.

Complementing KYVE's trustless data is Syntropy's expertise in delivering real-time data. For event-driven dApps like decentralized exchanges (DEXs) access to current block and mempool data is crucial. Syntropy’s ability to provide real-time data from any Cosmos blockchain is a game-changer for the ecosystem, offering a one-stop solution for a data oracle. All while facilitating data streams in a decentralized, peer-to-peer market.

“We’re proud to join forces with KYVE to expand Cosmos data access,” said Jonas Simanavicius, CTO of Syntropy. “Both projects and teams share a focus on data infrastructure, with the common goal of simplifying Web3 data access in a way that is both user-friendly and trusted by institutions across the board.”

How KYVE and Syntropy Benefit Cosmos 

The synergy between KYVE and Syntropy addresses the critical aspect of data accessibility while complimenting each other’s protocols. Syntropy’s Data Layer is able to quickly meet market demands for on-chain data by setting up data publishers in its network. Thanks to a highly efficient protocol that supports scaling, one publisher node can seamlessly support an unlimited amount of demand, but only delivering data in real-time.


The ultimate data solution for the Cosmos ecosystem.


This is suboptimal for use cases that rely on historical data. This is where KYVE steps in, with validators that archive and validate data for future use. This makes the two projects a perfect match, with Syntropy unlocking a potentially endless amount of data sources, and KYVE safely storing and securing this data for future use.  

This enhanced data infrastructure opens a wide range of opportunities within the Cosmos ecosystem - developers can leverage historical data for building more data rich dApps, while traders and analysts can make more informed decisions based on real-time market insights. The harmony between KYVE and Syntropy opens more doors to Cosmos and Web3 data, eliminating tradeoffs between indexed data access and real-time streams.

The strategic partnership between KYVE and Syntropy marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Cosmos ecosystem. By bridging the gap in data accessibility and quality, Syntropy and KYVE will address immediate challenges and set the stage for future innovation and use cases. 

Ready to learn more about how KYVE and Syntropy are changing the data access game for Cosmos? Join the KYVE and Syntropy communities, and don’t miss out on our upcoming Twitter Spaces on December 19th, 4PM UTC!


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