Anticipating the Syntropy Network Public Launch

By Cryptoray | Synternet | 19 Jan 2023

Mark your calendars for the 6th of February as we are preparing for one of the most exciting product launches to date - the powerful Syntropy Network optimizations will become available to the public. Together with a completely revised Syntropy Stack website and a fully functional self-service, we will pave the road for a new stage in the game-changing Syntropy ecosystem that revolutionizes how we manage and operate our private networks.

This represents a significant step in next-gen Internet connectivity, and we look forward to making it available for everyone who wants to try it. Let's jump into everything you need to know about the upcoming launch while the Syntropy team is as busy as ever behind the scenes.

Understanding the Syntropy Network

The Syntropy Network is a globally distributed network of interconnected nodes underpinned by the Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol. The patented DARP protocol automatically selects the most stable and high-performing connections based on metrics such as route latency, jitter, packet loss, node uptime, and bandwidth capacity. This is achieved through exchanging information between DARP nodes in a decentralized manner, allowing them to route traffic autonomously.

Our network infrastructure can already provide optimizations, including decreased latency and improved reliability. As detailed in our recent case study with Entain, these optimizations have led to significant performance improvements. Read more in our most recent case study to better understand the technical enhancements implemented.


Syntropy stats

Read the full case study here.

With the public launch of the Syntropy Network, we are opening optimized connectivity to the public. Our network is constantly expanding, with an ever-increasing amount of nodes worldwide through our strategic partnerships with ISPs, and other network providers. In the future, we will also open the network to allow permissionless participation. This means that anyone from the Web3 community will be able to run DARP nodes and be rewarded with $NOIA tokens. Such an initiative will tremendously help scale the network, resulting in an even more diverse and high-performing network for Syntropy users.

It is important to note that this is the first iteration of the public network, and there are plans to further decentralize it for even greater scalability. Our recently launched Open Bandwidth Exchange initiative is a vital driver of the growth of the Syntropy Network, with network providers such as PCCW Global and Zenlayer already on board and more partnerships in development. Ultimately, the Syntropy Network will be connected to the Open Bandwidth Exchange, resulting in an open, fully decentralized, and optimized Internet connectivity for all ecosystem participants.

The importance of the launch

Before its public launch on February 6th, access to the optimizations provided by the Syntropy Network had been limited to select testers and enterprise customers. However, with the network launch, we are excited to make these optimizations available to any developer who wishes to use them for any application or software. Coupled with a fully operational self-service platform and streamlined account management, we are laying a solid foundation to support our goal of driving user adoption.

To encourage the use of the Syntropy Network, we have decided to offer a free trial of the service, providing all new users with 50GB of optimized bandwidth in their workspace. Additionally, we will implement traditional fiat and $NOIA token payments for additional network usage. This will mark a big stepping stone in implementing token utility in the Syntropy ecosystem.

To support the new user focused approach, we will be allocating significant resources toward user acquisition efforts, targeting individual builders, developers, and small to medium-sized companies. Our goal is to empower these groups with the tools they need to take their businesses to the next level. We believe the Syntropy Network can revolutionize how individuals and companies manage their private networks, and we are excited to see the Syntropy ecosystem's impact on the industry.

A new look for the Syntropy Stack

Access to the Syntropy Network is provided exclusively through Syntropy Stack, a comprehensive platform for developers to efficiently and securely manage their networks. Syntropy Stack streamlines the process of creating secure and optimized connections between devices and services, regardless of location, whether in the cloud, on-premise, or on edge. The platform is designed for developers to integrate the Syntropy connection capabilities into their applications and for DevOps teams to fully automate network deployment using Terraform, API, or Stack UI with automation rules. With full self-service capability, using Syntropy Stack to benefit your network will be easier than ever before.

dashboard syntropy

A sneak peek from the upcoming Stack landing page.

Syntropy Stack simplifies configuring and managing networks by eliminating the need for manual setup. The platform facilitates the creation of virtual private networks and enables efficient network management. Utilizing the Syntropy Network through the platform can improve connections between machines in seconds by optimizing for minimal latency, packet loss, and reduced variance, resulting in more stable and reliable application performance.

Stack also includes the integration of Wireguard, a modern VPN protocol that offers simple, efficient, and secure encrypted connections. By default, all connections on the Syntropy Network use Wireguard to provide maximum security for applications and networks. This encryption ensures that all internet data transmitted through the network is private while protecting it from malicious actors and ISPs.

Comprehensive documentation is critical in successfully implementing and utilizing any technical product. In conjunction with the launch of the Syntropy Network, we will be introducing a new Syntropy knowledge hub, a comprehensive and informative documentation that provides a thorough understanding of the Syntropy ecosystem for users at all levels of experience. Our commitment to providing extensive documentation and Web3 knowledge resources ensures that users can fully realize the potential of the Syntropy ecosystem.

Introducing Syntropy Experts

As the Syntropy Network becomes available to the public, we are excited to announce the launch of our Syntropy Experts program, led by our DevRel Beata Lipska. This program will recognize and support the most knowledgeable and experienced users of the Syntropy Technology Stack. Our goal is to give back to the developer community by providing opportunities for Syntropy Experts to share their knowledge on various topics related to networks, latency, reliability, and security through meetups, conferences, written content, webinars, and other events. By working closely with Syntropy Experts, we aim to empower developers and increase the adoption of Syntropy technology.

In addition, we will relaunch the Syntropy Builders program this year. The program will provide developers and builders with the necessary resources and support to build on top of Syntropy Stack, including access to community resources, financial resources, educational materials, and direct support from our team. With the launch of the Syntropy Network, we look forward to fostering collaboration and driving the growth of our product alongside developers and builders.

As we anticipate the upcoming public launch of the Syntropy Network on February 6th, the Syntropy team is thrilled to embark on a new phase and introduce the optimized connections to a broader audience.

The new stage of the Syntropy ecosystem will significantly impact our user, customer, and partner acquisition strategy. We appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you informed as we progress with this exciting development.

See you in an AMA closer to the Syntropy Network launch.


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