Daredevil Enters Space Race Today With Launch Of Self Made Rocket

By symi | symi | 17 Aug 2019


At this time of this writing, somewhere deep in the deserts of Amboy, California, a crowd waits with, it's fair to assume, shock and awe, as the daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes jets straight up into the sky with 100 gallons of steam pressure behind him. Mike's journey into the sky has been a grassroots success story from the the garage, to the great beyond with the goal and setting the record straight for good about the shape of our world.

Mad Mike has launched before, and made records and history worldwide. 


If you haven't been following this story what better time to start than this day, the day of his epic launch! Stay tuned in to the latest reports on Youtube from the Infinite Plane Society if you want to hear about what happened with the launch, there should be live reports coming in shortly after this article is published.

The Infinite Plane Society Official Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0jsKvtze4SmQFHH7WYb-Q

For more about Mad Mike visit his website here: https://madmikehughes.com/

Watch the new documentary Rocketman, about Mad Mike Hughe's last successful rocket launch: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07VWCCW1V/ref=cm_sw_tw_r_pv_wb_MiDZ2KBLpd1uG

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