Why Symbiosis Beats the Competition?

Why Symbiosis Beats the Competition?

Symbiosis disrupts all things crypto by allowing you to

  • Swap any token to any token (bye-bye limited pairs!)
  • Move liquidity across different chains instantly
  • One click (in MetaMask) is all it takes
  • Use one safe platform and remain scam free

You can soon see for yourself!
We are counting down to the Testnet launch next week!

How is this possible?

We have built a true DeFi Disruptor!

The Symbiosis Relayers Network is a blockchain-agnostic permissionless P2P network of relayers with built-in crypto-economic incentivization mechanisms.  

Get all the in-depth information here
You can do native to native swaps on all integrated Blockchains:
Upon Public Testnet Launch this will be:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon

And 2 more networks to be added shortly.

What does this mean?

Blockchain-agnostic: Symbiosis does not discriminate between blockchains. Our managing network can be virtually any (Ethereum, Solana and more). We’re not tied by design to a specific blockchain network. 

Permissionless: anyone (you too!) can join the network and become a relayer if you stake enough of our native SMB tokens.

Incentivized: The Symbiosis Network is a peer-to-peer node network. To maintain security, we use MPC and TSS, and besides that, crypto-economic incentives ensure the smooth work of relayers and avoid malicious behavior.

How are those fast cross-chain swaps guaranteed?

Symbiosis strives to be a capital-efficient protocol. What does it mean?

Imagine that you pair all tokens to the native assets of the particular networks. It helps you to beat up volatility (stablecoins), accelerates go-to-market (add new tokens instantly) and efficiently manage the pool liquidity.

This is what we call Concentrated liquidity pools.

How can we ensure our liquidity pools are always filled?

Thanks to our community! We reward liquidity providers (people who lend us their coins for a certain amount of time), as well as node runners and SMB token stakers.

Who runs the nodes validating the cross-chain swaps?

You! If you want to!

In order to become a node and start to participate in a consensus and process of signing transactions, each node needs to stake SMB in a special Relayers auction contract.

More info soon on https://symbiosis.finance/


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