Step by Step Guide: How to Participate in OKEx $SIS Jumpstart

This guide was kindly provided by our community member. Thanks!

Hello everybody! I am an active user of the Symbiosis community. Today I have made a guide for people who don’t know how to participate in OKEx Jumpstart. Let’s start!

  1. First, come to the OKEx website and register. Just type your email and password. Then you have to proof your email.
  2. Second, come to this page and proceed with KYC LVL2
  3. After you complete KYC, you have to buy $OKB tokens (OKEx tokens). Deposit some assets on your account and trade them on $OKB. Below you can see all trading pairs:
  4. After you bought OKB, transfer them to your funding account. Then, come to the SIS jumpstart page and stake your OKB tokens there. There is no minimum entry on OKEx Jumpstart, but you can only stake a maximum of 1000 $OKB. The staking will start at 7 am UTC on Dec. 15, 2021, and ends at 7 am UTC on Dec. 16, 2021. After mining starts, click “Stake”, enter your desired amount of OKB and confirm. After completing these three steps, you will start mining $SIS!

  1. Yield is calculated every minute based on the ratio of your staked OKB amount to the total staked amount
  2. You can transfer your current yield to your funding account anytime
  3. You’ll receive the staked crypto and rewards in your funding account within 1 hour after the mining event ends

You can read more detailed information here.

That’s all! I hope my article was useful for you!

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