#Chat2Earn in Symbiosis communities

Hello, active members of the Symbiosis community! 

It's time to reward you for your involvement.  The Boom of #Move2Earn movement is cool, but it requires you to get off your sofa.

How about #Chat2Earn? Wouldn't it be better to make a cup of coffee and chat in the Symbiosis community while watching a show on Netflix :)

Plus, now you can get $SIS tokens for that. 

How will it work? 

The most active 5 people in our general chat in Telegram will receive rewards. If we see a large number of participants, we will increase the number of winners.  

Also, by chatting in our local communities on Telegram you can get rewards too. The most active members will be selected by admins of these chats.

Here is the list of our local telegram communities:

Contest rules:

• No spam! Messages such as "hello", "how are you" will not be counted

• Repeating and similar dialogs will not be counted either

• Only real communication with other members will be rewarded. Discuss Symbiosis, its competitors, DeFi, cryptocurrency news or new TV shows

• Try to answer newcomers questions in detail. You can also ask them how did they know about Symbiosis, what they like about it

• We will reward the most active participants every two weeks starting from today 

The launch of the #Chat2Earn system is a step toward increasing community involvement in the project. You can also make any other content, such as memes, guides, videos, translations and articles. All of this will be counted. And the most active participants can become our ambassadors or even team members. 

#Chat2Earn now in Telegram or our local communities



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