Cryptoradar - A Social Media indicator

Cryptoradar - A Social Media indicator

By Overmind | SwissBorg | 1 Jul 2020

What is the cryptoradar?

The BISON Cryptoradar shows you the mood of the tradable
Cryptocurrencies. You can also see which are currently hotly debated
- without having to follow thousands of tweets or messages.



BISON's Cryptoradar is a sentiment based on artificial intelligence - you can easily imagine a mood barometer underneath. It shows you which tradable cryptocurrencies are currently hotly debated without having to follow thousands of tweets or messages. To do this, he analyzes around 250,000 tweets from the crypto community every day and summarizes the most important information for you.

How does the cryptoradar work?

BISON's Cryptoradar is based on the machine learning approach, a form of artificial intelligence. The BISON algorithm evaluates over two million crypto-based tweets fully automatically every day. He has learned the rating of the tweets from our crypto experts over several years. In a first step, he examines 2 million tweets daily for their relevance for the respective cryptocurrency and filters out those that do not add any value to the analysis because they are spam or the like. That leaves around 250,000 tweets, which the BISON algorithm in Cryptoradar visually processes for you.

How is the Cryptoradar structured?

The cryptoradar consists of two dimensions: The sentiment represents the average opinion about the respective cryptocurrency - the more positive tweets, the further to the right the respective icon is in the cryptoradar. The buzz shows the strength of the exchange of views about the cryptocurrency - the larger the number of tweets, the higher the icon is shown. So you can quickly and easily read the mood of the tradable cryptocurrencies in Cryptoradar.

Do you like the Cryptoradar tool? Yes, so you will like the BISON App too. 

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Important - BISON's Cryptoradar is not a recommendation for action, but is intended to additionally support your investment decision in the crypto market and serve as a source of information.


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