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Swerve AMA - John Deere

By Swerve Finance | Blog | 27 Oct 2020

Last week, builder of Swerve, “John Deere”, fielded questions from the community about himself, the future of the protocol, and more!

Q: maybe some info about Swerve as a person? - @Munzur

Me? John Deere? Just a lowly farmer. I like long walks on the farm, corn for supper, stable swaps, and sane token distributions.

Q: I loved the post on the Future of Swerve, lots of very good things! Does it mean Swerve will be working full time on it if he is paid for it? - @Akai Sedo

Yes, as I mentioned in the post. When I launched Swerve, it was meant to be fully community owned/operated. After speaking with several active community members it became clear that even community projects need some kind of direction. In the early going, I’m hoping to take the reins on that until it comes to a point that Swerve can flourish on its own.

I’m currently in the process of transitioning out of my day-to-day duties outside of Swerve. At that point, depending on where the treasury is at (Because I’d like to pay, at worst, grants out to contributors before giving myself a salary) I will look to propose a SIP that allows me to work on Swerve full-time.

Q: Love the new direction of the project, but it might seem like a lot of work for just one person to handle. Are there plans to hire more developers to help achieve this goal? If so, how will be the selection process be made? - @Tomacf

Yes, I think it will be beneficial if we start paying contributors grants even before anyone goes full-time. It’s not terribly formal at this point but I would presume that as a developer continues to show dedication to the project and had picked up a few grants; and so long as our treasury/operating income is enough to handle it; it would come to the point that themselves or someone else proposes that they become a full time dev. At which point they would be paid from the treasury on a regular cadence.

Q: Who are the SWRV devs working on this project? Any idea when sETH:ETH pool will come online? - @Anoniminis

Swerve was originally built by just myself. Since launch many talented devs have been offering and providing help with design and implementation, namely: FairlyRarePepe, Andrew, Zokrates, GMSteuart, Enahudoba, and Toms Amway. Apologies to anyone I’ve missed as well!

There are also a number of strong operational contributors: Chickenpie, Lex, Fahrenheit, Sabretooth, Cobra, Samantha, Deltatiger and our treasury multisig holders. The sETH:ETH pool will be our next and will come online shortly!

Q: How goes the process of getting voter approval to fund one or more developers? - @Quinn_Inuit

The process can go quite swiftly if we please. Currently, we need to enact a few governance changes to get that ball rolling and those are being strategized against.

Q: When will @samantha host the Twitter account? - @Mike987

As soon as we get the infra in place for the price and usage explosion that will occur afterward.

Q: what do you think of some of the other stable asset AMMs coming online (e.g SHELL, snowswap, etc)? - @cobracore

I think a lot of them have interesting properties. Given the tradeoff set I have yet to see an AMM design I’ve preferred to Swerve/Curve.

Q: When will the dev work on Sips will start? - @RektByCrypto

Work for many of them has started. FairlyRarePepe has written Tswrv, pre-work for Seth-Weth is complete, etc. Once our treasury is a bit more robust I anticipate the work will pick up quickly. UX and visual designers have re-designed the UI. FEDs will soon be working on that.

Q: Any additional information you can share on swerves integration with other protocols? - @Mike987

Sure! So first and foremost, the low hanging fruit for Swerve to increase volume is to plug into all significant DEX aggregators. Recently, Totle integrated Swerve. With many aggregators coming online, there will surely be more of those integrations to come in the coming days/weeks. Perhaps more significantly, we are exploring a number of potential integrations from both within the Ethereum ecosystem (YFI vault) and outside of it (Swerve outgrowth on Serum).

Q: Thoughts on incentivizing pool development with a commission to the developer from pool fees? - @Mike987

This is certainly an interesting proposition. I’d have to look closer at projects who have done this in a way where incentives line up well to understand if it could work for Swerve, but I would not rule it out.


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