SWEAT Heroes Update!!!

Yesterday was a big day in the development of the newly announced game of SWEAT Heroes. For those who dont know SWEAT Heroes is the game coming to SWEAT wallet in January. 

Yesterday Sweat Economy discord held an ask me anything session with one of the co-founders of SWEAT. They focused on details of the game, for the most part but answered some other questions as well. Here are the key points mentioned in the session:

1. The first thing to come up was Alberto Pradera a leading member of Sweat Economy saying "The name says a lot about the game."

2. Sweat heroes will be a player to player battle game in which a fee will need to be paid to play this fee will be burned to ramp up token burn hopefully increasing the price.

3. There will be Common, Rare and Epic Leg NFT's to use.

4. Commons will max out at Lv10 and cannot be upgraded to rares.

5. "Guilds" May be added in the future.

6. Everyone gets a Common NFT to start them of.

7. Rare and Epic NFT's can be won by staking or winning battles in the games.

8. Winning a battle will give you XP for your NFT and SWEAT tokens.

9. Beta testers will get "Lucrative" benefits but very few will be selected

10. They are looking to make NFT's saleable in the app as soon as possible.

Hopefully more will be released soon.

Until then Happy Sweating!

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