Does BTC's Price have an effect on SWEAT's price?

The short answer. Yes. If you are a crypto veteran, a long term investor or a newbie to the crypto world then you'll see the patterns across all of crypto space. The prices act (for the most part) the same. If bitcoin dumps other coins like Ethereum will dump as well with other coins quickly following. 

071de6ae5ef529b77aa04c049899691ffcf8a1362e5fd73457650fbfd4271af9.pngb040713fa828f9099fd38dd65c845d02b869b4d9d09238fe82506a8fb8580aac.png This is a major problem across crypto space. Where do you go to ride an upwards trend when it looks like the whole markets on the down hill roller-coaster? SWEAT is just another sucker for bitcoins trends. During the same dump shown above SWEAT fell from the high road as well although not as dramatically. 


The trend is much more flat than the suddenness of the bitcoin plummet that unlike bitcoin is still continuing on that line. But if bitcoin has bottomed out and is now hovering at the $16,800 mark then surely isn't it a matter of time before SWEAT does the same?



This article was written by an incompetent fool and was never intended to be investment advice. Seek your own information and always double check the facts.

Until next time Happy Sweating! 


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