Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency: Is SHIB a Good Investment?

Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency: Is SHIB a Good Investment?

By Swapzone | Swapzone Blog | 14 Dec 2021

Memecoin, something that started as a joke, is now a serious deal-breaker in the crypto market. Dogecoin changed the face of meme coins, and since then we have seen many meme coins arrive in the market scene each trying to gain a stronghold in the market. No meme coin has done better since DOGE than Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. The SHIB token has taken the market by storm to the extent that it temporarily surpasses DOGE as the Top Dog in terms of market cap.

So, how can we invest in Shiba Inu coins, and on which Shiba Inu exchange can we find the SHIB token?

What is Shiba Inu?

It’s no news that a new token that is known as the SHIB token also dubbed the “Dogecoin Killer” has been making rounds on the internet and social media. The new token also features the Japanese hunting dog “Shiba” as its token ticker.

Many have come to terms with the possibility of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency becoming a viable alternative to Dogecoin. Even though both tokens are meme coins and themed around the Shiba Inu Japanese hunting dog, Dogecoin is much older and has been launched since December 2013 while Shiba Inu was recently launched around August 2020. Despite that, the SHIB token has witnessed an immense rise in market cap due to its vibrant community. An anonymous group or person called Ryoshi founded the Shiba Inu coin.


Is Shiba a good investment?

The first question many ask is often to confirm if the growth of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is substantial enough to invest in the Shiba Inu coin. In the case of the Shiba Inu token, KuCoin’s CEO Johnny Lyu stated reasons why investors can consider Shiba Inu cryptocurrency as a long-term investment.

Is Shiba a good investment? CEO Jonny Lyu believes Shiba Inu crypto greatly interests young investors more and that makes a good long-term investment choice. If we are to go by his word, young Investors can start their journey into the crypto world by investing in the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, considering the long-term potential of the token.  

He explains further why he thinks tokens like Shiba Inu coins interest young investors more. Young Investors tend to get FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) whenever they see Bitcoin reaching new ATHs. As such, young and average investors without much capital want to jump into crypto. However, about $60,000 is needed to purchase just a bitcoin.

As such, young investors turn to meme tokens like Dogecoin and SHIB to get as many of the tokens as possible at a profitable rate. According to Lyu, he believes that these investors are driven by their passion for these tokens. As such, they are determined to uplift the price/value of the tokens as high as possible.

Is Shiba a good investment? According to cointobuy analysis, SHIB can give investors an expected return of +402.6% with the price going up to $0.000117 in the future. This represents an excellent investment especially for those that lack the buying power to go for the BTC. Shiba Inu Bitcoin represents different sides of the crypto investment spectrum.  


How to invest in Shiba Inu coins?

For investors wondering how to invest in Shiba Inu coins? There are various ways to invest, you either buy the token straight from exchanges like Changelly, EasyBit, etc., or visit exchanges aggregators like Swapzone that bring all the exchanges to you on a single platform.


Why is SHIB so popular?

The strength of community

When it comes to Altcoins like the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, a loyal and determined community is vital more than the actual utility of the token itself. The success and failure of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency fall majorly on the community, which means the growth and success of the community is the growth and success of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency.  

The hype the community often tagged the SHIBArmy brings has done a lot in the growth of Shiba Inu. Cook stated the power of the people hyping also greatly determines the performance and growth of the cryptocurrency. Hypes and tweets from influencer people like Billionaire and celebrity CEO Elon Musk have also impacted some cryptocurrencies prices like Dogecoin and meme coin generally positively.

In 2021, there were several instances where Shiba Inu prices made a few values jumps after Elon Musk tweeted some memes and pictures of the Shiba Inu pup on his Twitter page.


Reasons to invest in SHIB

We can make out two reasons why you need to invest in the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency.

  1. Shiba Inu network operating on the ETH blockchain has its advantages compared to the other popular meme coin DOGE. As an ERC-based token, Shiba Inu has the qualifications to be included in several Defi projects on the ETH network. Hence, providing the Shiba Inu with more use-case and real-world applications than your regular meme tokens
  2. The impressive and dedicated community of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is another thing to boast about. It has been observed that only a few among the many cryptocurrencies tend to persevere over long-term investment in them. Most of these persevering cryptocurrencies possess the strongest communities.

Apart from the social media influence of the Shiba Inu, the support gotten from prominent figures both directly and indirectly shows the high possibility of the cryptocurrency surviving long-term.


How to exchange Bitcoin to Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu coin exchange should not be that hard, especially when you have an exchange aggregator like Swapzone that brings you the best Shiba Inu/Bitcoin exchange rates from various exchanges. The best thing is you can exchange your Bitcoin directly for Shiba Inu crypto right from the Swapzone website.

Step 1. Go to the Swapzone website.

Step 2.  Select the BTC to SHIB pairing.

Step 3. Input the amount of BTC you want to exchange for Shiba Inu coin cryptocurrency Swapzone will now bring you the best rates from various exchanges offering BTC/SHIB pairing and show the amount of SHIB you are getting for your BTC. Swapzone makes Shiba Inu coin exchange easy for you by allowing you to select the best offer that suits you from the list of Shiba Inu exchanges.

Step 4.  Click on the “exchange” button, which will ask you to provide the address you want your newly purchased SHIB tokens sent to. There is also space for a BTC refund address.

Step 5.  Click on the “proceed the exchange” button. Swapzone will also show you the review of the exchange site you choose to buy from.

Step 6.  Wait for the deposit to be processed by the exchange service and the exchange to be done.

Step 7.  Don’t forget to rate the exchange partner and leave a review, so we can gather more information on the exchanges for future users.

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