Signal's new features

By Cathy J | Sustainable Tech | 18 Aug 2021


This article showcases interesting new features on the Signal app. Its subjected to updates from time to time.



Invitation links and other settings


Audio Speed


For all those who wanna get in touch on Signal, either to chat or try the app (when none of their contacts use it), this is the invitation link to join the "Testing new feats" group (renamed to "Testing") shown in the videos.




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Cathy J
Cathy J

Not coming here ever again!

Sustainable Tech
Sustainable Tech

All about my favorite apps for multiple software categories. None of them is owned by "Big Tech" (big corporations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Zoom, etc.). It is (to me) not sustainable to feed billion/trillion-dollar companies whenever there are effective, more ethical (right to privacy and to freedom of expression) and less wealthy firms in the market. Empowering monopolies increases social inequalities and abuses of power.

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