Support research against covid19 with your pc ? Yes is possible and bitgreen will reward you while doing it (a true blockchain story)


f@h covid19 bitg

I found this project about six months ago (but they exists since 2017) and is very sustainable and green (I'm talking of entire bitgreen project not only this initiative) but I will talk of bitgreen in the next articles.

Today I'm talking about folding at home project with bitgreen foundation and this is a very exciting and useful cause you can earn some coins while helping :)

You need your pc and depends on the hardware you have (cpu and gpu) you will be a part of a "supercomputer" with below scope:

f@h covid19

Below there is the videotutorial (with english subs) but the steps are essentially tree

1 - go to and download the wallet then install it (copy the wallet address)

2 - download f@h client and under configuration put under name nick_sie-bitgreenaddress  under team number 251327 

3 - start folding and earn bitgreen!

Start Folding with Us!

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Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain
Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain

Welcome, if the question you are asking is : "Is possible to earn with the blockchain?" Then you are in the right place! I'll show you a "bunch" of real experiences made by a"(un)cautious investor" and methods to avoid risking to throw away the few savings we have or even better starting from scratch, learning something on the blockchain and why not earning some cash in a "sustainable" way . I will leave out all highly speculative practices because they are highly dangerous and therefore not recommended

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