Masmic: Earn Cash by Answering Question

Earn Cash by Answering Questions




  Masmic is a website that pays you by answering non- sense question and voting. stella This is where you will earn stellar (xlm) and will be sent through your coinbase wallet. The good thing about this is that the minimum withdrawal is only $1. They have also an affiliate program which can also add your earnings.

You  can use any gadget you have either your phone or laptop. When your on the go, you can still open their website and answer questions while waiting or you have nothing to do yet.




Reward Structure

There are 3 reward streams for users on Masmic:

  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Voting Answer
  • Referring Users


By sharing useful/interesting knowledge ideas
  • 75% of bounty amount is allocated to answer contributors. Individual reward amounts depend on "number of rewards" fixed by bounty giver and user votes garnered.
  • For e.g., let's say there's a bounty with $2 total amount and number of rewards are 5. This means that once bounty duration completes, only 5 top answers will be eligible for rewards. However, this doesn't mean that all those 5 rewards will be equal. It is a factor of community/user votes garnered.




up downBy voting answers
  • 15% of bounty amount is allocated to answer up-voters. But only those up-voters will be rewarded who have voted for rewarded answer.
  • Taking the above case, only voters of the top 5 answers will get rewarded. And the voting reward amount will also be a factor of the rank of voted answer.





Referral reward

  • You will earn 5% of your referred user earnings on any future bounties.moon litecoin
  • Everytime, for a lifetime! So, referrers are incentivized only when good referred users are brought to Masmic.






Proof of Payment


 This was my first pay out and it really sent the amount through my coinbase wallet.f33cc51c1104e5a59e6b4324854a544df74ea3cc8483f2d7f806104338e63d53.png



This is really a legit site but right now I'm experiencing a problem with it because it sometimes glitch. Some of the questions are already ended too soon even before I could answer same goes with voting answer. I hope this will be fix if there is a problem or maybe I'm starting to be inactive, I hope not. 


If your interested, feel free to click this link:






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