LifePoints: Earn money by answering surveys

Earn money by answering surveys

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Lets take a rest for awhile reviewing sites about Cryptocurrencies. There are also websites where you can earn money by answering surveys. 

One of them is LIFEPOINTS.COM.  This site pays you by just answering surveys and  sometimes answering daily poll.  Now, lets talk about it and how to start earning in this site.


What is Lifepoints? what

             is a community of like-minded people who want to share their views and opinions to influence future decisions made by the big brands we know and see every day. It’s also the place to go for those who want to collect rewards for living their lives. Every time you go shopping, to the movies, or simply enjoy a new local service, you can collect LifePoints by sharing your views and opinions about these products, services and experiences.




      This was introduced to me by vlogger way back 2018, before it was called Global Test Market. This was my first survey site that I used but I'm not that active because it only give me a few surveys because that time I only use my phone to take survey. I stop for a while though I manage to accumulate the minimum withdrawal 285 LifePoints worth 250 PHP ($5).  After I withdraw, the site change into Lifepoints. 




How to earn?

             Upon signing up, you will automatically given 10 lifepoints as bonus. Like I mentioned earlier, in order to make a withdrawal request you must accumulate the minimum withdrawal 285 LifePoints which is worth 250 PHP ($5). Once you've reached this balance, you can withdraw or spend. There are two main reward option: egift cards and paypal payments (note that rewards may vary across countries). According to my research, LifePoints can be expire— you’ll have to “spend” your points within at least 3 years of earning them. Thanks to this, from now on if I already reached the minimum amount I must withdraw it. 

The gift e-cards offered are available to major retailers such as eBay, Amazon, Starbucks, and more. Feeling generous? No problem. You may also donate your LifePoints to charities such as Unicef.

Paypal amount available: 285 Lifepoints is worth 250 PHP ($5), 570 Lifepoints is worth 500 PHP ($ 9.99) and 1130 LifePoints is worth 1000 PHP ($19.98) PayPal.




     Like other survey sites, you need to be qualified in their requirements to answer their survey that was sent to you through your email account or when you log in to your lifepoints account. Most of the surveys will take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Compensation awarded for surveys varies, and depends upon the length of the survey, as well as the client's urgency for survey takers to complete it. The more urgent the assignment, the better rewards it will offer. Most of the time, I got screen-out  probably because of my location, work related (thought it does not need skill) or they're looking for someone else. 

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Once you've started to answer survey but don't get finish it or you got screen out, they'll still reward you with small amount of points as a recognition for your effort.  I almost forgot, once you log in to your account- sometimes there will be a daily/ quick poll.  Earning points from daily poll and from the small amount of recognition can help a little to reached the minimum withdrawal. 


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They also have giveaway which will be posted in their community and twitter. Just answer their question, you'll get a chance to win prizes if chosen. 



My proof of payment




My own Pros and Con 

          This pros and con is base on my own experience while using this site.


  • Earning opportunity for students (age 14)
  • Variety of rewards
  • Available everywhere
  • It is legit



  • Sometimes it Glitches
  • Given few surveys
  • Always get screen-out 
  • No affiliate program                 




LifePoints is really a legit site and they pay you but due to my location and inexperience in the work field, I got screen out most of the time. I like this site because of course it is a paying site.  I would recommend this as an extra income not a full source of income. 


If you any suggestion, feel free to comment. No hate.


Thank you for reading!!!!! Bye...



P.S. I just experience glitch, I almost got a heart attack. It must be our internet connection, super slow. I thought this would not be saved, thank goodness it has an automatic saved in my drafts. Credit to the creator of for the wonderful job. 😅😅










Disclaimer: I do not own the images that I used to make this blog. The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only.  It should not be  considered as a financial advice. It may or may not work with you. Please make DO YOUR own research. Thank you.


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