App To Make ETH for Rating and Taking Photos

App To Make ETH for Rating and Taking Photos

By tatvam86 | Suruchi | 21 Sep 2020

Hey guys! In this blog I will tell you about the WHATSAROUND app which will help you earn  Money


When you rate and take photos on this app (Whatsaround) then it will actualy give you "shotcoins" and it redeems Ethereum, Amazon Card, Starbucks Card and Paypal



Before telling this app to you I used this app for 2-3 days but I'm not a professional photographer but a taken 40 to 50 and itgave me many shotcoins.

The best thing about this app is it is suitable for awarding viewers and photographers, also. Currently I'm on level 6 and if one's level increases it's number of tasks to do will increase and will get more chances of getting more shotcoins. There are more ways other than taking and rating photos such as  increasing your followers, participating in contests, voting others' pictures, inviting your friends, sharing posts on twitter and also by touching a certain range of points.

This is the link for this, WHATSAROUND:-

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