Introduction and an extra adventure!

By MakisWarrior | Surfing & Adventure | 12 Feb 2021

Hi everyone! I'm Makis and live in Greece. I'm new to Publish0x, and will take my time to know it better. I enjoy surfing, working-out and spirituality!

These 2 photos are from a journey, where I surfed for 4 hours in rainy weather:

Right-handed barrel!Right-handed barrel!

Wave opening on both left and right sides!Wave opening on both left and right sides!

It's really difficult to find these kind of good surf-conditions close to were I live.... Hopefully in the future I will save some money to travel to other countries that have more often and much better surf-conditions!

Aloha! 🙏🤙

(Reblogged from my account on Hive/PeakD)

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Surfing & Adventure
Surfing & Adventure

In this blog I post about my surfing and explorations of nature by becoming one with it.

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