Monitoring the RMT Market: SureRemit

By Saras | SureRemit | 11 Jul 2019

Cryptocurrency trading interfaces can be quite intimidating to new traders or casual observers but there are a number of ways, some requiring no crypto knowledge at all, to buy and monitor price and trading activity of RMTs.





  1. The SureRemit App: The app (Apple | Android) will display your wallet balance and the current market price for RMTs. It's simple and some people prefer it that way. SureRemit's straightforward in-app purchases means that you can buy and hold RMTs easily even if you don't want to get into all that "crypto stuff" right off the bat.

  2. Monitor an exchange: Stellarport shows the orderbook (buy and sell offers from traders) and recent trades. Recent trades will tell you how much people are buying and selling and the price (in XLM). Other exchanges, like LATOKEN offer views of other pairings like RMT-ETH but the vast majority of traders are buying RMTs directly through the app or with XLM through an SDEX interface like Stellarport. StellarTerm offers a very clean and simple view of the price, orderbook, and performance for those not quite ready or willing to jump into the more complex interfaces. SureRemit is also listed on LAtoken and we are also adding trading pairs on other exchanges. Stay tuned for the updates.

  3. Crypto Market Tracking/Ranking Sites: CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko offer a lot of macro level data about the RMT economy and project and it is a simple way to stay on top of progress for those who don't want to monitor exchanges directly. Because of the recent update on Coinmarketcap, the DEX volumes for SureRemit is excluded on CMC.

  4. Mobile Apps: Blockfolio is the most popular but there are others. It's free and if you add RMT to your portfolio you'll always have access to the current price. Be careful when downloading new or untested crypto-focused mobile apps however as crypto holders are popular targets for hackers and malicious apps are not uncommon.

  5. StellarExpert: The StellarExpert blockchain explorer is a great way to dive deep into all activity related to RMT. You can see a larger view of the orderbook, current offers, movements of RMTs between wallets (payments), trades, and a lot of other data. Exploring this is a great way to learn more about how blockchains work plus it gives you a comprehensive view of the RMT economy.

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