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How many people visited in last six months?

By Suraz Bhattarai | Surazbhat | 26 Jan 2021

The given data are related to traffic and it's sources to platform during last six months period.


  • The total visit to the website was around 275.80K with average duration of 4 minutes and sixteen seconds.
  • Based on Desktop users, the most traffic source is from Venezuela covering 15.46%, on second we have US with 10.92% followed by Ukraine, Germany and UK at third, fourth and fifth position.
  • 3.78% of the total traffic are from referrals where steemit, telegram and Leofinance are at first, second and third position.
  • 4.64% of traffic are from social media where twitter is the greatest source with 63.14%, followed by Facebook, Youtube and Reddit.

Total Traffic



Traffic from different countries


Traffic from referrals


Traffic from social media



Source: similarweb

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Suraz Bhattarai
Suraz Bhattarai

Interested in Blockchain Technology


Interested in Blockchain Technology

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