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Hive Games: Level 50 in Rising star , Read my strategy and plans

By Suraz Bhattarai | Surazbhat | 25 Jan 2021

I have been playing Rising star for few months now. All you gotta do in this game is go to their website and click here and there so, it doesn't take lot of your time. For people who know nothing regarding Risingstar I highly recommend you to play the game as it is super easy, completely free and takes very less of your precious time.



  • My first strategy is to not run out of the energy. so, I have bought two cold pizza slices and two pizza boxes. It cost me 20,000 for cold pizza and 15000 for pizza box but it is totally worth it. 
  • I do only one or two long missions and most of the missions I carry out are under one hour which has greater chance of getting free pizza for my pizza boxes.
  • I do lot of music lessons which helps to increase my skill so, I dont need to buy cards to increase my levels. Before performing any music lesson buy most of the items used in your mission so that you will get more skill reward in each mission.
  • I use mobile phone to play the game as it is much more faster and efficient. 


  • Currently, I am doing missions in Local Gig circuit so, my first priority is to unlock next zone.
  • Most of the time I perform production Lessons so, I am planning to buy equipment related to production lesson to increase my skill reward per missions.
  • Further, I am planning to double my fans number as they are just around 1000. 


  • First plan would be to constantly increase my ranking by buying new packs so, that I can be a part of reward pool.
  • To hold million Starbits so that I can carryout Starbits millionaire mission given on special mission option. 


Click here to play the game

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Suraz Bhattarai
Suraz Bhattarai

Interested in Blockchain Technology


Interested in Blockchain Technology

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