World Events Are Driving Crypto Demand

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 7 Mar 2022

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For the life of me, I still can't understand why cryptocurrency (mainly BTC and ETH) are correlated to the general market patterns of the stock market. Of course things don't move at a perfect 1:1 ratio, but when the markets are crashing, that plays into the market moments of cryptocurrencies.

To me, it feels like people still don't really understand what it is they are purchasing when they get involved with cryptocurrency and are rather just simply speculating like they would with stocks and options.

The reason that I can't understand it is because when used with non-custodial wallets such as hardware wallets and software wallets like Trustwallet, cryptocurrencies act as a hedge against governmental regulation/controls. We saw in Canada just recently that the government can make it impossible for you to use your money through traditional outlets and we are seeing Russian citizens getting hit with every economic hardship possible.

Life is becoming very difficult for the average citizen who had nothing to do with the decisions of their government and the only way they can access their funds is if it was in a crypto wallet that was not on an exchange, or if they stocked up on foreign currencies (though Putin made it illegal to hold over $10,000 worth of foreign currencies, thus hindering that option).

As a result of this, I'm not quite sure why we aren't slowly seeing cryptocurrencies move with a negative correlation to traditional assets. Once again, I am not expecting to ever see a completely negative correlation as many people are buying crypto as a speculative asset, but we've seen enough turmoil and restrictions to justify the coins being looked at for their true use case - immutable money not tethered or controlled by any singular entity.

I think that there is a chance that maybe the world is just not yet ready to see these assets for what they truly are and that those of us that are involved in learning about them every day are maybe a few years ahead in this thinking. With all the restrictions we have seen (from nations at war and from "democratic" nations in times of peace), there is a massive need to plan ahead and secure your financial future. If you have your whole life tethered to an entity (i.e. government or institution) that you don't control, you are running the risk of allowing someone else's decision to determine your future... Not financial advice, but I personally won't trust the government with my life; even in times of peace.

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