Where Can I Podcast On Web 3.0?

Where Can I Podcast On Web 3.0?

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 12 Jan 2022

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I know that there are a few podcasts happening on Hive already. There is the Crypto Maniacs podcast with @taskmaster4450le and @jongolson as well as the Community Token Talk podcast, but all of these are being run through threespeak.

Is threespeak where we should be releasing audio-only content? Or is there a podcasting community on Hive or elsewhere on Web 3.0 that I do not already know about?

I plan on creating content that is in video form, but also think it would be fun to occasionally switch up that media form and put something out that is a traditional podcast.

I like the concept of being able to produce both forms of media because when you are creating something that involves visuals, there is an entire process of editing that must be done in order to create a quality product. When it comes to podcasting, you are taking the visual out of the content and creating something that is much more off the cuff. For this reason, it seems that it is easier to create more consistent content using a podcast, while still creating content with visuals (just less frequently).

I have looked around on Hive and not really found anything that I would deem to be solely dedicated to producing podcast material. Am I missing it? It is certainly possible because there are so many dApps that it is easy to get lost looking for things on Hive and web 3.0.

Let me know! I just got all the gear I need to create video and podcasting content and am excited to get some things out there to share with the community!

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