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The Life Changing Money Is Coming!

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 4 Mar 2022



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Let's Go

As I said yesterday, the Polycub airdrop is coming to the @leofinance and Cub Finance communities. It seems like I timed that post well as the airdrop details came out shortly after my post yesterday.

My takeaway is quite simple:

All those people saying life changing money was coming through Hive and @leofinance... Well I think they were right.

When that post came out, I immediately started playing this song and was subsequently correct with that as well as the Leo token started pumping in the Hive-Engine market:


Screen Shot 20220304 at 12.54.33 PM.png


That song is an absolute hit and I know it has been used in a lot of the Wojak videos to signal huge gains coming to his crypto portfolio.. It seems like the same is true for members of these communities.

What Is Happening?

Basically there is a 60 day airdrop with daily snapshots for CUB holders in either the CUB Kingdom or either the CUB-BUSD or CUB-BNB Farms. Users will be getting an airdrop of PolyCub, a Polygon-network based CUB token.

They are adopting the same type of strategy that Splinterlands is employing with the SPS airdrop in that your daily balance will determine how much your airdrop is for the next day rather than just having a singular snapshot.

Broader Outlook

The fact that the airdrop is happening over a period of 60 days is not only a brilliant idea from a marketing perspective, but also gives some of the smaller fish a chance to accumulate the capital they need to get involved.

Not everyone will be able to throw $1,000 in on the first day of the airdrop, but it is much more attainable for someone to add $15-$20 on a daily basis (or at whatever rate they'd like), so it is allowing people to participate without having a huge stack of initial capital.

From a marketing perspective, this is an airdrop you get to claim 60 times. That is just pretty cool... It isn't one and done, you have the ability to add to your bags and get more just like everyone else!

In the future, if this is successful we may see this done with all types of network integrations. The one that comes to mind for me is the Thorchain network... THORCUB? That sounds like my kind of token. I'll start adding to my bags now, you guys have convinced me, well done!

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