SPS Airdrop Has Me Storing Savings In NFT Form

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 4 Feb 2022

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The Addiction

I have developed quite the problem (well... maybe a problem, maybe genius) since getting involved with cryptocurrency: I cannot save money in fiat currency.

I have seen some memes about how crypto addicts have to constantly be buying some kind of coin because "fiat is worthless", "the bank gives a terrible interest rate", "make your money work for you bro"




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Life Imitates Art

This is a popular saying. Yet I find it to be true more often than not.

I handled my financial obligations and am using more or less "disposable income" (though I am not rich, so there is a vibe of aping into things for no reason) to invest in Splinterlands assets rather than holding my money in the bank for little to no return.

Of course this is wildly risky as Splinterlands assets can go up and down 30%+ in a day, but hey... why not?

I had a few hundred dollars in my account, so rather than have that do nothing, I wanted to get the exposure of an increased daily SPS airdrop and so I bought some gold foil summoners and leveled up the majority of my chaos legion deck to level 3 or 4. This is big for me as I have been a level one player more or less my entire time on Splinterlands, so I am finally seeing the value of leveling up your deck when it comes to win percentage and strategy.

I also picked up some gold foil legendaries for the purpose of the airdrop, but have actually been able to use both of them in strategies quite often and rather successfully. Here are my two guys, not cheap but it is where I have decided to put my money for better or for worse:


River Hellondale_gold.jpeg


This card actually provides the inspire ability and when paired with the demented shark, it is actually lethal at higher mana battles where you can have cards dishing out 7+ damage each turn.


Spirit Hoarder.jpeg


Being a neutral card, this one has a ton of utility. When I'm using a team that is heavy in magic, I like to stick this guy in there at only 3 mana as the triage ability it brings to the battle can be a difference maker in a close one.

My Thoughts

This is a wildly risky place to store your money and it is almost certainly a terrible idea, but I've done worse things with money and this one is at least doubling my daily SPS drop.

I've gone through phases with Splinterlands where I have been focused on investment and phases where I have enjoyed gameplay. I can say with complete confidence that things are a lot more fun and a lot easier to think about and plan for when you are playing the game for enjoyment rather than for financial gain (though that will eventually come as well if the game continues it's trajectory). Only invest what you can afford to lose, but be sure to try to enjoy what you are doing or you're probably better off just leverage trading to make quick money. NFA

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