Splinterlands Vouchers - An Under The Radar Investment?

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 24 Apr 2022


If you play Splinterlands, it is very likely that you have a vested interest in seeing the value of the ecosystem increase as time goes on. Whether you have decided to purchase in game assets to play with or rent out, play2earn is an important factor in why we play the game.

With the launch of the Waka Spiritblade summoner, we saw just how much money can get pumped through the ecosystem when people recognize the strategic value of one of those assets. However, one thing that we saw with that launch is the importance of an asset that many people were previously overlooking: The Voucher

The summoner demanded quite the price tag and given the fact that it had to be partially purchased with vouchers, the value of the asset skyrocketed.

What Is The Voucher




So for quite a while now, people have been receiving Voucher tokens as an airdrop based on a daily snapshot of their staked SPS balance. It has been used in the past as a required cost for purchasing packs during the pre-sale stage and as mentioned used in launch of a special event.


Screen Shot 20220424 at 2.52.57 PM.png


At one point, vouchers were trading for less than a dollar, and now they are up around the $2 mark at a regular basis despite the circulating supply increasing every day.

If vouchers are theoretically going to be required to purchase in game-assets or get involved with the land phase of the game, they may jump up even more and appreciate in value. The thing to remember with vouchers is that we don't quite know what they will be used for even if we have a decent guess. This means that there is even more room to speculate on the value of the asset.

The only drawback I can see in investing directly in vouchers right now is that your voucher balance is not used in any airdrop calculations (i.e. the SPS drop and the voucher drop as it tracks SPS and not voucher holdings). With that being said, we don't know where the value of the voucher will head or if we will one day see a staking option for the vouchers, so it may be worth putting some thought into where you think the value lies for these tokens.

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