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My Best Splinterlands Pull - Play 2 Earn Potential

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 27 Apr 2022



Last night I got incredibly lucky when I made the decision to purchase four chaos legion packs from the store to get my total packs purchased up to 200.

I was able to pull this bad boy out of pack number two:


Screen Shot 20220427 at 8.38.43 AM.png


It's still crazy to me how NFT's maintain such high levels of value, but in the case of Splinterlands there is some real utility behind that price tag.

With this card specifically, I am seeing that it is the fourth most valuable gold-foiled legendary from the Chaos Legion set according to market value. I assume this has to do with the fact that it presents a lot of utility having three strong abilities (magic void, slow and strengthen) that can bolster your squad and slow down the enemy attack.

It isn't often that you pull a gold-foiled legendary or even an epic card for that matter, but the ability to do so is what gives the packs their value.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am a big fan of the Splinterlands game economy and think it is being set up so that each aspect of the game thrives into another aspect; in other words, there is a lot of synergy throughout the game in terms of market value.

Play2Earn is a huge democratizing movement, but needs to be done carefully and have a solid plan. When looking at Axie Infinity and their scholars program, it seems a lot like a capitalist business. The people at the top are making tons of money at the expense of their employees labor and are in this case often not compensating them so much (this is what I have heard, I would love to be wrong). If you are able to get involved early with a great game (which I still think it is early for Splinterlands) you can set yourself up with great earning opportunities before the prices of market assets skyrocket.

I personally plan on holding onto all of my gold-foiled legendaries in the future as I have seen the crazy increases in value from other packs' GF legendaries and believe the same will eventually play out for Chaos Legion cards.

Make sure you have some type of plan when it comes to play2earn and that you are getting yourself positioned well in case of a bull run in the game if you do so choose to get invested.

Good luck with whatever you are seeking to accomplish today!

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