How Likely Is It To Run Into A Hive User?

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 16 Feb 2022

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When I am out doing something like lifting at the gym or sitting at a cafe, I will often take a look at my phone and check to see what is going on on @leofinance and what notifications I have for my account. When I do this, I often wonder exactly how many people are on Hive and whether anyone passing by around me would recognize the site that I was on.

Spoiler alert, it's unlikely.

It hasn't happened yet, but I'm waiting for the day that someone taps me on the shoulder and says "hey, is that Hive?", or "is that X dApp from the Hive blockchain?". It got me thinking, what is the actual likelihood of that happening?

I couldn't find the full numbers anywhere, but it looks like we have approximately 400,000 accounts registered on Hivebuzz. That doesn't seem right to me either, because if Splinterlands has so many users signing up, they should all theoretically have a Hive account as well, but let's just use it as a thought experiment.

So if there are 400,000 people in the world who have Hive accounts, that would mean that 0.00005063291% of the world population has a Hive account. Those odds don't seem great to bump into someone on the street that will know that you are @rob23, that guy who rambles about a bunch of non-connected financial topics every day.

To put this another way, approximately one of every 19,750 people that you walk by will be a user on Hive... Well I guess you better start showing your screen to every person to figure out which of them have Hive accounts lol.

Though it is statistically unlikely to find a fellow web 3.0 enthusiast on the street, a glass half full approach to this situation provides a ton of positives. Since so few people are currently using this platform, that means that you are early to it and that you have a chance to grow your personal account in tangent with the platform at large.

If Hive is to become a successful/integral part of the future of social media and the internet as we are all gambling that it is, then we are a part of the founding community of something huge (yes, even those of us who came to the platform a year later than others). If Hive is successful and you are here right now, odds are you will be pretty successful as well with it.

Imagine the day where it isn't one in 19,750 people that know what Hive is, but say one in 10,000 or one in 1,000. The growth will be absolutely enormous if that happens! Just keep posting and don't stop believing that we have something special here!

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