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By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 8 Mar 2022



The Launch

With the launch of Polycub from the @leofinance team, I did what I could to scrape together some money to put into the new farms that were launched to generate Polycub rewards. Though I wasn't able to get massive funds over there, the HUGE APR that we see when a liquidity pool first gets itself started is just insanity.

The Farms

Here is a look at the farms that are available:


Screen Shot 20220308 at 10.44.55 AM.png


There are also Kingdoms staking options where your investment auto-compounds as well as a Polycub single asset staking option.

The mind-blowing thing about getting in early is simply what types of wild earning you are able to make right off the bat. I've pulled in roughly $5 of Polycub through the farms in the last 12 hours or so. This doesn't sound impressive of course looking at total value, but when you factor in that I've invested roughly $50, that is a 10% return on investment in a 12 hour span... Something that will continue (though begin diminishing) as time continues.

The Future

Of course the value of Polycub will logically fluctuate with the supply and will likely be heading down for a bit until it finds a bottom. With that being said, the project has some burning mechanisms in place and I am here for the long haul, so the dollar value over the next few weeks is not so important to me.

The APR is important to me, and though it will continue to drop as more liquidity is added to each farm and investment vehicle, my experience with DeFi in the past tells me that it will still yield very lucrative returns (especially in comparison to traditional financial assets/investments) going forward.

DeFi is all about trusting the team that is running your project. Being that I am a regular user of @leofinance and that the future of web 3.0 and Hive is bright, I just simply can't see the team wanting to rug pull or do anything shady. With the amount of potential for earnings for everyone (including the dev team) in the future, it is in their best interest to make this project the best they can rather than a quick hit and run.

We don't have the liquidity as a community yet for the devs to make big money screwing us over, and when we do have that liquidity they will be mind-blowingly rich... This feels like a case where the team is set to succeed with the community; that's the main reason I am using and will continue to use their DeFi platforms!

Do your own research, but check out cubfinance and polycub before you miss these insane APR returns!

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