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Finally Recovering - Path To Crypto Gains

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 20 Apr 2022



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For those of you that have been around for a while and have maybe come across some of my posts, you may know that I have been battling against an addiction that has in the past depleted my finances. In the past, I would be selling my crypto holdings on an unfortunately regular basis and finding myself starting from scratch quite often in most of my positions.

With that being said, one thing that I was able to keep most of was my Hive Power holdings. The reason that I was able to hold onto the majority of it is because of the 13 week powerdown process that is used to keep Hive Power staked and maintain the health of the ecosystem. That 13 week powerdown saved my ass many times because when I was seeking to sell to get more access to money, I was unable to get to most of it and the feelings would eventually subside before too much came out of the account.

I did end up losing a chunk of it, but it was not nearly the catastrophe that I experienced in my other holdings off chain...


I have finally been able to recover the majority of the Hive Power that I sold off through investment and blogging earnings. I am proud that I have been able to get my account back over the 4200 HP mark as that was where I remember being very torn about the dumb decision I was about to make.

Of course I could be in a better position now financially if I had held off on making poor and impulsive decisions in the past, but my headspace is much healthier now and I am prepared to really get after it.

Everyone loves a comeback story. Whether it is LeBron and the Cavs coming back from 3-1 down to the best team ever, Rocky, Miracle on Ice, The Blindside, etc. Now stacking a few hundred dollars surely isn't equivalent to a miraculous comeback, but it sure is a start for my life to head towards a better direction.

What Has Been Helpful

I think that the thing that has helped me the most other than stopping gambling has been mapping out my financial plans and doing a budget. I have used a budget to manage my spending and track my progress with following a bi-weekly investment plan. I am using a dollar cost averaging concept for tokens that I truly believe in and refuse to sell them before 2025.

Having some idea of what I was going to be doing instead of just going with the flow and dumping money into things without sufficient research has produced a feeling of security and comfort. Though the dollar value of things have taken a dip as of late (though heading back up today), I just have to follow my plan and stick to it and hopefully the results will come long term regardless of the short term L's.

Whatever you are going to do, make sure you have a solid plan. If you have been beaten down or taken some L's lately, just know that today is a great day to start your comeback story!

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