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Could Society Cure The Plague of Bureaucracy?

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 23 Feb 2022



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Bureaucracy Is Slowing Everything Down

Of course the day after I write about making sure you write your articles at a certain time every day, I end up writing my stuff two hours later than I usually do... I had to do so much paperwork for my upcoming job and it just makes me hope that one day we live in a world where the bureaucracy and paperwork stop getting in the way of people's progression through their lives... Wishful thinking I'm sure.

I would love to imagine a world where we treat the hiring process the same way that Decentralized Finance has treated the trading process. You don't need to prove who you are in order to participate in the collective, you just need the basic tools (i.e. a wallet) to participate.

Other than regulatory requirements in the country they are licensed in, there is no need to have KYC like a centralized exchange has. KYC is used for tracking transactions to be taxed, and I personally think that the excuse that KYC helps to fight against crime is a lame excuse at best. I've seen exchanges come out and say that the KYC requirements will help to fight against money laundering and criminal activities like that of the Silk Road... Yet the US government never says anything about how cash is king in the world of black markets and illicit activities.

What would removing background checks/ID Paperwork do for businesses?

Well if this were the case, there would logically be people working in the positions that may not have gotten the positions otherwise (i.e. former or current criminals). However, if there were no identification factors involved in the hiring process, people that are most deserving of the job would get it because businesses would have to use hiring practices that objectively measure performance (i.e. a skills test or written interviews).

It is my opinion that we are living in a world where everyone is seeking to know literally everything about everyone at every single given moment. In reality, I believe that the world would function much better through objectivity and anonymity. If someone is doing the job better than others, they should get it and they should keep it until an objective reason for their removal came up for the company (i.e. a lack of hitting performance objectives). It sounds like a cold and disconnected world if you're looking at it in a certain light, but it also sounds like a world free from nepotism, pointless paperwork and exclusionary hiring practices... A tradeoff I would personally be willing to take.

I'm sure that you are able to think of reasons why this would backfire, and I'm sure that I could too if I really wanted to, but we live in a world where anonymity is possible due to remote work and if businesses want to really function based on the principles our economy has laid forth, they should always be looking to hire the best candidate and the circumstances shouldn't much matter.

What do you think? Is getting rid of paperwork and the onboarding/hiring process something that could benefit society?

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