Buy The Dip... Again... It Never Stops...

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 18 Apr 2022



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I guess we'll buy the dip again haha

I'm not sure if it is optimism or just plain psychosis that I am willing to continue putting money into crypto projects despite the fact that they continue to drop in dollar value all the time, but I will be continuing it nonetheless.

I don't have all that much to say about it today so I am just going to do a small rant and post some memes for your enjoyment.


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It is difficult to convince your friends to invest in crypto when they are focused on the short term results because it seems like everytime I recommend a coin, it dips 15% the next day. I guess we just might be in a type of bear market right now, but I do admit that I can understand why it affects morale when it comes to hodling tokens.

The dollar value of my portfolio is not looking so hot right now. I am dollar-cost averaging with a plan and don't really need to see results anytime soon as I am looking at at least a 3-5 year hold, but it still of course doesn't feel awesome to take a massive beating here.

It is a comfort knowing that I have a plan that I can stick to and that whatever happens is really out of my control, I recommend finding some sort of planned clarity like this in whatever you decide to do.




Maybe one day our investments will help us reach a point of financial freedom. Today is most definitely not that day... I gotta go to work... Peace.

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