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At Least We Can Laugh - Some Memes For Your Sunday

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 8 May 2022



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I can't say it was a great feeling to buy crypto on Thursday and then watch the markets immediately proceed to tumble 10-15%. At the same time, I am investing every other week at a specific time, so the price at that moment is beyond my control, I am simply sticking with the plan.

I am trying my best to be the guy who says it is ok that the prices are dipping, because in the past I was always inclined to actively trade and sell when things were looking bad and it just made things so much worse.

So rather than going out and looking at the numbers and trying to figure out a way to fix things, I will let the things that are beyond my control be the way that they are and just accept them as they come. Instead of panicking, I am just going to laugh and post some memes about how much we're all getting destroyed (it won't last forever, so let's be patient).

None of these are mine, I'm just sharing them from online.



















Good luck with whatever you're doing today!

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