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All The Ways To Buy Hive (In America)

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 15 Mar 2022

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Someone asked me yesterday in a comment where they would be able to buy Hive and I realized it is not as clear cut as it is for some other cryptocurrencies for American citizens (who are following the rules).

I had to give it some thought and after doing so, I was able to present them with a few ways that you could accomplish getting Hive, though most of the options are not as simple as they could be.

Getting Hive:


I guess the easiest place to start in my opinion is probably just to use the Hive-Engine. They have a slew of deposit options that come in as Hive-Engine tokens (i.e. Swap.LTC or Swap.BTC) and allow you to sell them directly for Swap.Hive which can then be withdrawn for a fee using their service or another service like Hivepay or even the Leodex to get regular Hive into your wallet.


These are the two options provided in the wallet on @peakd I have not personally tried either of them but they seem to be either non-KYC or low-KYC options for swapping tokens to Hive.


Another site that I am unfamiliar with, but is the work of @theycallmedan and others. I presume it functions just like any other exchange and is a place where you can acquire Hive.


This is the exchange that I have used in the past, though you do have to do KYC and your limits are pretty low as an American citizen. There is pretty good liquidity there though.


If you want to you can flip Splinterlands assets for a small loss and get paid in DEC which can then be used to purchase Swap.Hive in the Hive-Engine and be withdrawn as mentioned before. You'd need to use PeakMonsters in tangent with this to know the spreads between asset bid and ask marks to figure out if it would be worth it for you (there is also a 5% market fee).

@deathwing Bridge

This bridge has always been my favorite to go from Hive to BNB, though I am not sure how many use it to do the reverse. Nonetheless, you are able to do so and I personally vouch for the safety of the bridge.

Unwrapping pLeo/bLeo/wLeo

This is the latest option as you are able to purchase Leo on either the Polygon, Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum networks and unwrap them using Uniswap, Cub Finance or PolyCub! There is relevant documentation on each site.

Whatever your decision is for how to acquire Hive, make sure you know what you are doing before you get into it to avoid losses and fees! Good luck to everyone!

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