What is happening Across the Bridge: Episode 9 - The ACX Token Launch

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 26 Nov 2022

I told you that the $ACX token launch is expected VERY SOON!  I now have a date .... as Across Protocol announced the token launch and party for the 28th of November! The party is getting planned behind the scene and we will also have poker after the party!


This will take Across in a league of their own, as the bridge has now surpassed 1 BILLION in total bridge volume! Bridge with Across from and to Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Arbitrum, Boba and Polygon.


We are talking about huge achievements in only one year, with over one billion transferred, not a gwei gone, a full Open Zeppeling audit, a community of over 50,000 members  and a $334,000,000 referral network program! 


From the beginning, Across was designed with a focus on capital efficiency. It took a while for the ACX token to be ready for launch, as the token mechanics were designed to support the optimal coordination game for all token holders. Meanwhile you can join the lightning education Twitter Spaces and win spins! 


Now is time to set a reminder and join the Launch Party on Twitter! Don't miss the biggest event of the year and don't make any other plans on the 28th of November, at 2 PM UTC! Spoiler alert! Expect a plethora of events at the launch party, with poker, prizes, giveaways and SWAG!  Would you like to spin the #ACXwinaspin?


Things are different with Across, as the focus in on the users! The airdrop claiming focus was designed to boost the community, and the claimed tokens will be automatically pooled and staked. It will immediately begin earning $ACX liquidity incentive rewards, as well as begin to increment the rewards multiplier. It's time to move away from dodgy DeFi, meme coins, cats NFTs and earn fair through the Across Reward Locking! 


Across $ACX liquidity rewards system will be as good as the ETH LP rewards. Is there any other place where liquidity providers can earn an unadvertised additional estimated 18% APY in $ACX on top of 5.4% in ETH?


Three Twitter spaces took place in the preparation of the Across token launch. Three high. value NFTs were gifted to random participants, with a total value around 4.5 ETH. The first NFT shared by Across is a Genesis Legion NFT (~1.12 ETH). Genesis Legions are the most powerful beings within Bridgeworld, a game of strategic commerce.

The second NFT giveaway was a piece of generative art from artblocks_io, by the artist ellymilligannz. The NFT (~1.2 ETH) is a reflection upon the future of automation, machine consciousness, creativity, and humankind’s inevitable consequences. Was amazing to see hundreds of people joinig the events! 


The third NFT was a seasonally appropriate coolcatsnft, as the amazing Cool Cat #5225 (~2.45 ETH) will give the owner the permission to participate in online and offline events only for Cool Cats holders. The final episode will talked about how Across will achieve next-block bridging as a result of its competitive relayer network. 


We couldn't prepare a party without a meme competition, and the Meme Lords where invited to create and post their creation. The only rule was to challenge the "Across Protocol to the moon!" theme. Congratulations to the winner, who is now 1250 $ACX richer! 

Maybe you were looking for a bridge using Presearch? Maybe you searched for details regarding the ACX token airdrop? Then you came across my staked keywords! I staked over 20 keywords on Presearch in a mission to aid crypto-friends to #BridgeForLess. The keyword staking helped people to find and use Across Protocol, making their crypto journey hustle free. 

Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by the $PRE tokens. You can earn them by doing the searches you do for free on google, and use them to stake keywords. The vision was to provide a secure network, to decentralize the search ecosystem and reward users who provide value to the search system.

It happens to get an outbid on my staked words on Presearch but I always claim back the 1st place. Have unlimited bags of $PRE and that helps me to be a keyword whale! 



I had staked all the classic keywords months ago, and added ACX and ACX token only 2 days ago. I can see a bit of hype around the launch and airdrop, as the keywords are getting decent searches and clicks!


My Across Journey

I was one of the Across co-founders, and had many roles throughout the year (Senior DAO Contributor, Referral Ranger, etc). I use Across for all my bridging between Ethereum mainnet and layer2, and I am providing Ethereum in the pool. Please note that Liquidity Providers are eligible for $ACX airdrops until the ACX token launch


I am an active promoter of Across to my friends and colleagues, purely because they deserve the best tools in the Cryptoverse. I am currently at Silver Tier, with nearly $8000 trade volume and 92 $ACX tokens earned so far through the referral system.  


Hey Diddle, Diddle! The Bridge and the fiddle,

Across volume jumped over the moon! 


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