SuperUMAns #9 - SummerUMAns and summer updates

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 4 Aug 2021

The superUMAns are enjoying the DeFi summer and they are spreading good vibes across the DAOs.


The whole Q3 of 2021... I will enjoy the summer and UMA's projects... basically becoming a SummerUMAn. I created my card on UMA, to help me remember the work I am doing.


On the 1st of July we welcomed uDAO! The focus on Q3 is to create partnerships and work hard number towards DAO integration of UMA products. Every successful DAO integration will $50 UMA tokens per 1,000 uDAO tokens. If the integration is funded with over $5,000,000 than the uDAO will pay an additional 100 UMA tokens. Read more: Closing the uTLV chapter ... opening uDAO


The Range tokens came a hit gem, a new treasury primitive that will enable DAOs to access funds and diversify the treasury without selling the native tokens. The innovative solution involves the usage of the native tokens as collateral to borrow funds. The tapped funds have no risk of liquidation! The Range Token will be the solution chosen by Sushi Swap to attract new strategic investors and to diversify their treasury. The proposal to sell a large chunk of Sushi to attract investors wasn't received well by community, instead the  use of $Sushi as collateral to borrow funds was received with positivity. 

The ShapeShift integration is close to the end, as for operational purpose they are looking to use Range and Success tokens.  Read more: SuperUMAns #5 - Range Token


The launch of Success Tokens came to solve the demand for for staking on the success of a DeFi protocol instead of yield farming profit on the DeFi protocol. The Success Token synthetic asset combines the token with an embedded call option was created for investors willing to create strategic investments when they think the token is under the market value, and gain more profit if the protocol becomes successful. The new assets are coming to complete the DAO products range and boost treasury diversity


The developer mining program was extended until the 30th of September, to produce more UMA producers.  The criteria needs developers to pass on a minimum of 90% of their rewards as liquidity mining. The farming pools must be 50%  - 50 pools% or a slippage when purchasing lower than 2% when buying.

Off-topic ... I ordered my UMA t-shirt and I am looking forward to receive it. Can you guess which one I chosen?


How to join the superUMAns?

The SuperUMAns are the community’s ninja troops. SuperUMAns are the people who bring the community to life. All you have to do to become a superUMAn is show up on Discord in the superUMAn lair. Whatever your talents are, we can put them to good use! 

The superUMAns are an indispensable component of the machine that helps UMA reach the greater DeFi community. SuperUMAns are writing articles, making videos, funny content, design swag, hold community calls, are looking for collaboration opportunities, help teaching people about UMA, support other communities, etc!


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