SuperUMAns #62 - October UMfluencer Results And oSnap On Arbitrum

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 2 Nov 2023

The UMfluencers Program is open for threadoors with knowledge about UMA tools and products, or crypto savvy people with a good reputation in the social media space.

Research, write, share and earn $UMA tokens. This is a brand new SocialFi idea that I created, implementing a point system that is Sybil resistant and both centralized and decentralized. 

We concluded the second month of the program with incredible growth in attendance and quality. You want to become an UMfluencers? Join the UMA Discord, sign up for the “UMfluencer” role from Channels & Events and write tweets and/or threads about any other UMA product.

October's topic was about  oSnap and the UMfluencers where invited  to explain how the tool implements gasless snapshot voting with on-chain execution. We will expand the topic in November, with the focus on oSnap going live on Arbitrum!


Arbitrum is putting decentralized governance first. There are  50 million $ARB allocated for DAOs in the STIP and the ecosystem is flourishing. oSnap can enhance the governance as DAOs can streamline their governance with oSnap and Snapshot with zero gas fees, easy setup and automated on-chain execution! 

oSnap was created by UMA and Snapshot, and aims to add execution functionality by pushing results on-chain. Safe (ex-Gnosis) will be a prime beneficial, as holders are able to propose and execute on proposals from start-to-finish, without any specific person’s signature required. 

How oSnap delivers trustless execution? oSnap combines the classic Snapshot off-chain voting mechanism with the Safe industry-leading multi-sig wallet infrastructure. Users are incentivized to submit the correct transactions for execution, and also have an incentive to dispute if there is an error. In the case of a dispute, the transaction is not executed and will have to be re-submitted.

What we want to see from UMfluencers? Tweets, threads, memes or posters that will explain how oSnap will improve the Arbitrum governance status quo. The prize pool for November is 250 $UMA, that will be shared between the top UMfluencers.


The November leaderboard centralized community votes, twitter impressions and extra points for creativity and highlighting the topic! The top 10 entries after the emoji community votes were awarded points: 3 for the top one, 2 for the next four UMfluencers, and one point for those that completed the top ten! 

The same framework was applied for Twitter impressions, and extra points were added for the best memes, best art or the quality of the content. I was amazed by the number of quality entries, with 35 tweets or threads from 21 UMfluencers and UMbAssadors.


Kurapika was the UMfluencer of the month in September, and he done it again! He smashed the charts, being first for both community votes and Twitter impressions. He was awarded with two points for this top quality thread and one extra point for the good memes added in the thread. 

Check out the work and show your support for this top content creator! Congratulations! On top of the other prizes, his thread will be the pinned tweet at the SuperUMAns account! 

October is about the harvest, unity and Halloween! Byron implemented the oSnap theme into the autumn, with his unique artistic touch. Infinity followed closely and took the third place in the November standings, with Heruvim and Smarty filling the other spots with big prizes. 

The community votes made me allocate the same number of points to those that had the same number of votes. Two points were given to seven UMfluencers instead of four. A similar scenario happened with the Twitter impressions, with more participants receiving one extra point than what was initially planned. This led to an extra prize, as the 8th UMfluencer had the same number of points as the 6th and 7th participant.

It was a close competition, with some entries receiving lots of votes but scoring many Twitter impressions. Some joined only few days before the end of the month, and had little time to build-up votes and views. This led to a minor change in the way points will be awarded in November.


The prize pool was divided into two prizes of 50 UMA for the best threads, and three more prizes of 45 UMA for the next three UMfluencers in the leaderboard. Two honorable prizes of 5 UMA were allocated for the sixth and seventh UMfluencer in the November standings, and 5 UMA were given after we used the Lucky Wheel. The top seven UMfluencers were not eligible for the lucky spin, to make sure that someone else will receive a prize.

November's Top UMfluencer: Kurapika - 50 UMA & 1 Guardian NFT

Byron took the runner-up spot and 50 UMA, while Infinity, Heruvim and Smarty were awarded with 45 UMA each. Steve, Emily and TengoLoTodo were awarded with 5 UMA for their effort, as all three had the same number of points. The rewards were already send through Discord tips!


The seven UMfluencers that were outside the prize zone were added into the Lucky Wheel, for a chance to win 5 UMA. This optimistic method will reward an extra participant, and gave an opportunity to win to those that didn't build up many views or votes.

Are you curious how it went? Watch the spin below:

The top 10 entries with the most community votes and impressions were awarded points. As the number of entries and the participation increased, the system had to be enhanced and upgraded.  We will maintain points for memes and art, as well as the bonus points for quality. 

The change will affect community votes and the way the number of impressions are ranked. The number of UMfluencers that will receive points will be extended to 15 as it follows: 

The threads/tweets with most votes and impressions will receive 6 points for each category, while the second place will receive 5 points. The next four UMfluencers posts will receive 4 points, while those ranked between seventh and ten will be awarded 3 points. The 11th and 12th entry will receive 2 points, and up to 15th place will score one point.

We aim for both quality and quality, and this is why all entries that score more than 1000 impressions on Twitter will receive one extra point. The visibility bonus can be extended up to 5 points, one for each extra thousand impressions. This system takes into consideration the perpetual growth in participation and will be maintained until further notice.

Join the UMA Discord, sign up for the “UMfluencer” role from Channels & Events and start writing. Focus on oSnap on Arbitrum for extra points, and grow your audience by following the other UMfluencers. There' You could win up to 50 $UMA, and evolve as a content creator. We grow together! 

November Prizes:

  • 1st Place: 50 $UMA & Guardian NFT
  • 2nd Place: 50 $UMA
  • 3rd Place: 45 $UMA
  • 4th Place: 40 $UMA
  • 5th Place: 30 $UMA
  • 6th Place: 10 $UMA
  • 7th & 8th plus 2 Lucky Wheel Prizes: 5 $UMA


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